I sleep, therefore I dream

I had a restless night last night – first, I couldn’t get to sleep until about 2:30 am and then when I did finally get to sleep, it was riddled with strange dreams that kept waking me up!  Here’s the one that sticks out and I have the clearest memory of….

I was in a mountain setting – an area with a lot of trees, trails, and cabins on the side of a mountain.  It seemed like I must have lived there – everyone seemed to know me and I walked around with authority and an understanding of where everything was and how to get there.  I was at a general store type place, engaged in small talk with the owners and customers.  A strange young girl came in all dressed in white chiffon with long curly blond hair and no coat or shoes – I commented to the people I was talking with that she must not be from around here cause she doesn’t know enough to put on a coat and shoes when there is 3 feet of snow on the ground!  We all laughed about her.  There was also a guy that sort of lingered around at the entrance door like he was waiting for her – he was also all dressed in white, but he did have a light jacket on and was also wearing big, clunky, brown work boots.  She picked up a few things and came to the register to pay – she didn’t look up or make any eye contact and didn’t speak at all – not even to acknowledge the “hellos” that were offered by me and several others.  The couple left.  I told the others that I had to get up to the house and  left myself.  I walked up the trail to a small cabin that was full of people.  On my way up to the cabin, I saw the strange lady again – this time she was walking off the path across the woods with the man laying behind her holding onto her ankles – she seemed to float along in the deep snow as she dragged him behind her – still not wearing any coat or shoes.  I called out to her to see if she needed any help, but she didn’t respond or look my way.  I got to the cabin and asked if my mother was there, yet – no one answered me, so I looked around and didn’t see her anywhere.  I told them that I saw her in a vision on the way up the mountain and that she was dragging a man in the snow and that I was worried about her.  One person looked at me and said that I should stop listening to my visions and participate in the real world.  So, I left to go look for her.  I came up on another cabin and there were also a lot of people there.  They were standing in line to give something to a man sitting in a very high chair.  As I got closer, I saw that they were giving him money and that he was the strange man I saw in the general store and again being dragged by the lady.  He looked at me and asked me what I was doing there – he said “if you’re going to bore me with another one of you silly visions, you need to just turn around and go home!”  I climbed up the side of his chair and told him that I needed to speak with him and he better come right now, if he knows what’s good for him!  He came down and we walked over to the side away from the crowd!  I told him that I knew he did something with my mother and he was going to pay for it!!  I knocked him down, sat on him, and began to punch him over and over in the face – I said that should show him that he needs to fear me!  As I was hitting him, I noticed that my watch had a text message, so I peaked at it between whacks – it was from him – apparently, he was texting me while I was hitting him and the text said “you are no one to fear – you aren’t even touching me!”.  I got up and he laughed and asked if I had fun and if it made me feel better.  I stormed off and went to another cabin.  The inside of this cabin was the oval office of the White House!  I found myself sitting with a group of people talking to President Obama – I told him about what had happened to me that day and it made him and everyone break out in big robust laughter!  So, I laughed too, like I had meant it to be a joke – then I said “they all must have been Republicans”, which made everyone laugh again!  Then, President Obama got up and broke out in a jazzy song and dance routine to entertain the crowd – I remarked to the person next to me that I can’t believe he is still giving impromptu performances now that he’s President! 

I woke up wondering what in the world prompted any part of that dream!!!

One Comment on “I sleep, therefore I dream

  1. I was going to suggest that maybe you were dreaming about a past life, but then you went to jazz hands and show tunes… 🙂

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