The Hidden Treasures (a.k.a. Junk)…

Garage TreasuresI have spent a lot of time in my garage over the last two days.  Renovating to increase the organization and look is one of the items on my wish list of things to work on this summer.  But, first – it had to be cleaned out!

Let me start from the beginning…

I have never lived in a house with a garage!  Well, that’s not totally true – two homes I lived in had garages, but neither were used as garages!  Both my Grandparents and my Mom had garages in the back yard that were used as work shops and for lawn equipment storage.  So, when I began to shop for a house to purchase, one of the items on my list of priority features to look for was an attached garage!  I was happy that two of my top three choices had attached garages!  There were several things that “sold” me on this house and one of the major ones was the garage!

Most garages in homes that I looked at – including the other one in my top three – weren’t finished off inside.  This one was finished off with drywall, paint, several electrical outlets on each wall and phone jacks on two walls!  Very nice!  In particular, I have really enjoyed the benefits of having a phone in the garage — do you know how great it is to not have to rush to unlock the door and get in the house with an armload of grocery bags to answer a phone that is ringing just as I’m getting home?  AND – it even saved the day one time when I got out in the garage to get in my car and head out to work and realized I had just locked my purse (with cell phone in it) AND keys in the house – I was able to call Ronald at work and he came over with his house key to let me in!!!  (it’s the simple things that make the world so special)  It is a one car size with an electric door opener.  What more could I ask for????

I soon found, however, that my house didn’t have enough storage space in it!  So, despite an attempt to provide organized storage with shelving units and boxes with drawers, the garage ended up being a place where everything that didn’t have a place got stashed!  The shelving units got full and held more weight than they were designed to hold and things that couldn’t go on the shelves were stacked (albeit neatly) on the floor!

Back to the present:

This weekend was devoted to hauling out and sorting through all the stuff that has accumulated in the garage over the years!  Of course, we picked an incredibly HOT weekend to do this!  The garage has phone jacks, but no air conditioning!  ha-ha-ha 

I was amazed at what I found out there — both in the actual amount of stuff that was stored and in what I learned about myself!  Apparently, I am an impulse buyer…..I found bags of stuff I bought thinking that I would use it someday, but there it sat – still in the bags – unopened and unused!  In some cases I didn’t even remember buying it or why in the world I thought I needed it!  I even found stuff that I obviously didn’t remember buying because there were TWO purchases of the same thing – both still in the bags – unopened and unused – but on different shelves!  Oy vey!!! 

We hauled two truck loads (not as bad as it sounds – it was a small pick up) with things that were given to friends/relatives or to be discarded (I also discovered that I am an empty box horder – there were lots and lots of empty boxes stored “in case I need to ship something”).  What is left will either be put back after the planned renovations because it is needed/used or will go in a yard sale that I am planning for next weekend — my junk could be your treasure!!!  ha-ha

Planned Renovations:

The shelving units were a good idea, but didn’t provide all the organization options I obviously need!  So — we will be putting peg board on two walls (maybe three walls – not sure, yet) that will allow for things like ladders, yard tools, extension cords, rolls of tape, and some tools to be hung up on the walls.  I will keep two shelving units for boxes and things that can go on a shelf.  And we’re putting in an overhead shelf that will store large seasonal items – like the Christmas tree and decorations!  We’re also going to paint the walls and peg board to match the paint theme inside the house and put a nice epoxy coating on the floor!

Next Steps:

Yard sale on Saturday — anything that is put in the yard sale pile that doesn’t sell will be discarded or donated and will NOT return to the garage!  Pressure wash the entire garage to prep it for the painting and floor coating.  Then we’re moving on to the inside painting to take advantage of some things that are going on that will create a perfect window of opportunity to get a majority of the inside painting done!  Then we’ll finish the garage!


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