Just trying to stay cool…

Man, it was HOT in Sanford this weekend!  It hit 100 degrees on Saturday and is supposed to be in the high 90s again today!  The preference would be to just crank up the air conditioning and hibernate!  But, with weekend adventures and Father’s Day thoughts, there is still a lot to write about…

I had a yard sale on Saturday!  The weather predictions earlier in the week talked about thunderstorms!  But, it ended up being even worse — no thunderstorms, but it was sunny and 100 degrees!!!  I could have had a garage sale, instead of a yard sale, if it had rained…..but there was no getting out of that heat!!  Right from 5:00 am when I first started setting out my junk – er, ah, I mean items that I don’t necessarily want anymore, but may just be the one thing someone else has always wanted – it was muggy and got me all sweaty.  And it got hotter from there!  I ended up having a great yard sale – made $220 – but I also ended up with a sunburn and a very sore, tired body!!  The girls weren’t much interested in going out yesterday, either!  I had them out for a while, but it was just too hot for them out there….  So, the afternoon was spent in the air conditioning, napping with the girls, and trying to stay cool….

Today is supposed to be in the high 90s, but it is windy, so it doesn’t feel as bad as it did at this time yesterday.  I have been outside watering plants (I think yesterday’s heat killed one of my hanging plants – hope a drink will bring it back) and watching the girls run around the yard and play in their pool!  It was actually quite pleasant being outside and enjoying the morning!

I had a blast watching the girls play this morning – they were a RIOT!!  I was letting their pool fill while I did some work around the patio.  They were running around chasing each other and playing really hard, like usual…..they would jump in and out of the pool in their chases and sometimes stop to root around in the water and then get back to their wild chase!!!






Amy has perfected the “leap over the pool” stunt — she runs full speed dead at the pool and just as she gets to it, she leaps up in the air far above the pool and jumps completely over it at the widest point (this is NOT a small pool – it is the largest of the plastic kiddie pools from WalMart) and clears the jump without touching the water or the edges of the pool at all!!!!  It is amazing!!!! 

Then, at one point, they had rooted around in the pool and ended up turning the hose nozzle so that it was spraying up like a fountain — Katie and Megan cautiously watched it and got up close, but backed off when it sprayed in their faces — not Amy, she went bonkers on it!!!  She bit at the fountain and barked at it and lunged at it and just went crazy!!!  THEN, she grabbed the handle and pulled it up out of the water and shook it – the hook on the handle released and the water shut off!!!  She threw it down and backed up just a little and held her head up high and looked around at me, Megan, and Katie with her chest all puffed up and you could just tell she was as proud as she could be — “I killed the pool monster – the evil water serpent is dead!!!”  It was so funny!!!

Today – June 21st – is special for three reasons:

  • It is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year (summer solstice) – a fact I didn’t consider when I set my candlelight wedding ceremony on June 21, 1985.  We were married in a historical cobblestone church and planned to use the kerosene lamps and candles to illuminate the church during the ceremony!  BUT – as it turned out, the sun was still shining bright at the time and the lamps and candles were barely noticeable…..I will forever remember that June 21st is the longest day of the year!!!
  • It is Father’s Day – I used to love Father’s Day, as I do all holidays!  As I grew up, my Grandfather was the willing recipient of my Father’s Day wishes and handmade greeting cards!  Then, Charlie – my Poppie – came into my life and I had TWO wonderful father figures to lavish my appreciation on!  Now, both are gone – I have had 10 Father’s Days without Charlie and 11 without my Grandpa!  I quietly think of them on Father’s Day, as I do every day, and try to not think about how I no longer have anyone to fuss over on this very special day!

Grandpa (3)     Charlie (6)

  • It would have been my 24th wedding anniversary!  On June 21, 1985, I married my best friend and we moved to Sanford, NC to make a life together.  The marriage didn’t work, but the friendship flourished and we are still a very important part of each other’s lives!  Although we do not technically celebrate our wedding anniversary, we do rejoice in a long and happy relationship!  It all worked out, but I still get a little sad on June 21st each year….

Kim and Ronald_unity candle_wedding June 21 1985

Right now, I am watching two really ugly bugs with weird looking legs try to maneuver themselves around on the screen outside the window beside my computer desk!  Glad they are outside!

 As Porky Pig used to say…..Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that’s all folks!!!

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