March Daily Photos – Week Four

So, here we are….the end of March…..the end of the first quarter of 2021……the end of winter……and the end of Alphabet Month! And…..we’re on to spring…….Q2 – 2021…….April Showers……and regular kind of Daily Photo topics! How’s that for deep thoughts on a Wednesday night? Hahaha

Let’s just get on with the final Daily Photos for March, shall we?

V is for VALISE

W is for WORKOUT

X is for X

Y is for Y creating a “Sling Shot to the Heavens”

Taken in 2019 in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Z is for Zzzzzz’s

A FAVE WORD – “Congratulations!”

I was having lunch when Senator Ortt presented the owner of the restaurant with

“Small Business of the Month”


Whatever my age, I’m not too old to be excited to see the Easter Bunny!



Whatever is on my Kindle if I can read it outside on a gorgeous spring day!


……this photo I took a few years ago in Mt Albion Cemetery!

Yeah, it’s an awesome photo, but the REAL reason I’m proud of it is cause:

I actually got myself out of bed, dressed, and out early enough to capture the sun through the fog before it lifted!


So — that’s it……Alphabet Month is done! I have to admit I struggled a bit with the alphabet, this time! So, I’m happy to see a normal list of odd photo prompts for April……and here is April’s list:

Can’t wait to see what I come up with……..Catch ya later!

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