Labor Day Movie Double Feature

All weekend, I planned to go to the movies…..but was far too interested in relaxing and being lazy.  The other thing that kept me from being overly motivated was that I had two movies in mind and just couldn’t decide on which one to see.  Both were romantic comedys, both with lead actresses I like, but, neither sounded like they would be more than average……but, still ones I did want to see!  So, today, I finally decided to just go and see them BOTH!!! 

First up was the one I wanted to see the most – Going The Distance.  This one sounded like it would be the best story and maybe a little more than a silly comedy.  It starred Drew Barrymore, who I usually like in movies. 

It was the story of two people who meet in NYC and strike up a casual relationship.  Neither wanted a serious relationship and Erin (Drew Barrymore) was leaving to go back to school in San Francisco in six weeks.  So, they agreed to just hang out and have as much fun as they could in the short time they would have together.  Well, guess what?  They fell in love!!!  So, they try a long distance relationship — Garrett (Justin Long) on the east coast and Erin on the west coast.  Of course, there are ups and downs as they try to make it work. 

The story was enjoyable, the two main characters (and the actors who played them) were so cute together, and Christina Applegate was a lot of fun in her portrayal of Erin’s sister, Corrine.  I loved the interactions between the three of them.  What I wasn’t so crazy about was the extensive sexual innuendo and banter among all the characters – in particular between Garrett and his buddies.  A certain amount of it was typical, but I thought it went a little overboard and got a little sickening after a short time into the movie.

Bottom line:  It was a cute movie and I did enjoy it, but didn’t think it was all that memorable.  I would highly recommend not taking kids (it is rated R, which is definitely appropriate).  I rate it a solid B.

Next up was The Switch – I thought this one might be cute, but wasn’t expecting much.  I figured it might be too silly to be very good, but did think it could be fun.  It stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman – both good actors, but don’t tend to choose movies that become big hits.  I find that their movies are generally OK, but that’s usually about it.

However…..I was pleasantly surprised!  Maybe because I went in not expecting much……maybe because they finally found the right roles…….maybe because I was a little disappointed in the first movie, so this one just naturally outshined it………I don’t know, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

The story revolves around Kassie (Aniston) and her neurotic best friend, Wally (Bateman).  Kassie thinks her biological clock is about to wind down, so she decides to find a sperm donor and have a baby.  Wally disapproves.  During a “get pregnant” party, Wally gets super drunk and ends up in the same room as the jar of the donor’s contribution.  He doesn’t remember anything that happened that night, but 7 years later when he meets Kassie’s son for the first time (Kassie moved out-of-state to be closer to her family), it all comes to light!  Apparently, he ended up switching the donor’s sample for his own and Kassie’s son is HIS son! 

The rest of the story is a delightful depiction of Wally getting acquainted with his son and re-acquainted with Kassie.  In the mean time, Kassie decides to introduce her son to the sperm donor she thinks is his father.  The characters take the audience through all the emotions – laughter, tears, joy, sadness – it is heartwarming and heart tugging.  I very much enjoyed the story and connected completely with the characters.  I rate it an A and recommend it for romantic comedy enthusiasts.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day at the movies.  But, it just goes to show — watching previews and reading synopsis’ don’t always predict how you’ll react to a movie!  I found my enjoyability was just the opposite of what I expected.

One Comment on “Labor Day Movie Double Feature

  1. I love Jason Bateman, so I’m planning to see The Switch. Glad to see you enjoyed it. I hate paying so much to see a meh movie.

    As for my Bella, she’s 3 going on 23. I definitely agree that the days are slow but the years are fast.

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