Dream – iPhone Drama

It is no secret that I LOVE my iPhone.  It has become permanently attached to me.  When cell phones started to become popular, I resisted the trend and didn’t get one for years.  Then, I gave in and got a TracPhone, but didn’t give out my # to anyone and rarely turned it on – it was only used for emergencies or if I needed to make a call and was out somewhere away from my home phone.  When I started having to purchase minutes more often than I thought I should, I gave in and got a plain old cell phone with a service.  That turned into wanting one that I could check my email on, but still never used the TEXT feature!  I got hooked on being able to access the internet and wanted more……………..hello, iPhone!!!!  Now, I’m doing practically everything I do on my home computer and use it constantly!  I can’t let a “ding” go unchecked!  hahaha  I have the world and infinite knowledge at my fingertips and I can even make a simple phone call with it, too!  I am not sure how I lived so long without it!

So, I guess it isn’t all that surprising that my iPhone ends up in my dream life, as well.  In fact, I had a strange dream just this morning where my iPhone was the STAR!

I was in my kitchen and rushing around doing things.  I had my iPhone in my hand and needed to do something, so I laid it down to free up my hands.  Suddenly, I heard sizzling and crackling and turned around to see that I had laid the iPhone on the stove top and the burner was on!  The iPhone had melted and was bubbling on the stove!  I screamed and ran to shut off the burner.  As I did, I noticed there was a calculator on the OTHER burner and it was melted, too, so I also turned that burner off!  I got all hysterical and paced around the kitchen screaming things like, “OMG, what have I done?”,  “what am I going to do now?”, “I don’t have any insurance and they are so expensive to replace!”, and more…..  Then, all of a sudden, there was someone sitting in my living room across the kitchen bar that I did not know.  She stood up and walked to the bar and told me that it was going to be fine and not to worry.  She said that she melted her’s once and it still worked just fine because the iPhones are indestructible!  So, I picked up the melted, bubbled, piece of junk and turned it on and IT WORKED!!!!  I was able to send a text and make a call…………but, I woke up before I could find out if I could check my Facebook or do anything else on the internet!  So, I’ll never know if it was TOTALLY indestructible or not!

Technology…….love it or hate it………it is stuff that dreams are made of!!! 

2 Comments on “Dream – iPhone Drama

  1. She really isn’t kidding. She turns down a magazine to read while getting a pedicure. I am afraid it will end up in the water one day. Kim you might wanna think about life insurance for the Iphone and guardianship in the event you are incapcitated.

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