I’ve been dissed!

I’m still trying to recover and figure out if I’m getting enough sleep (I’m sure I’m not) from all the traveling and craziness in my life, lately!  The build up to the big CIS fundraiser – Dancing with the Lee County Stars, two weeks at Mom’s, and then two and a half days in New Jersey for work.  I’m hoping things are now going to settle down some so that I can find some sense of normalcy – whatever that is!

So, I couldn’t get to sleep last night until late – restless and wide awake after dozing on the couch.  The girls were frustrated with me cause they finally got home after spending 3 days at Rae-Zor and I wouldn’t go in to bed to snuggle and let them sleep in their very own room!!!  Then, I slept later than I should have this morning because I barely got 4 hours sleep and really needed to just smack that snooze button a few more times!!!  They were anxious to go out and get their breakfast, so they kept trying to get me to heed the snooze alarm and get my butt out of bed!

After I got them all out and ready for their day, I sat on the chair in the living room accepting kisses and hugs…………Megan had an abundance of excitement and love for me………..Amy was her usual sweet, gentle self just wanting to cuddle………….and KATIE DISSED ME!!!!!  Here’s how it went:

Me:   Hey, Katie, how’s my pretty girl this morning?

Katie:  Slowly wanders over and acts like she’s gonna give me a kiss, but turns just inches before and starts to walk away from me.

Me:  What?  No Katie kisses for Mommie this morning?

Katie:  As she is walking away, stops, looks over her shoulder at me, and lets out a short, but deep, throaty, hrrrmmmffff type growl and continues on her exit from the room!!!

What was that all about????

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