If it weren’t for bad luck…

OK, so the title sounds like I’m throwing myself a little pity party…..well, kinda, but not really!  I have way too much to do and think about to fit in a pity party……and, frankly, that’s not usually my style (although I do admit to indulging in pity parties on occasion).  But, I have to admit that the last two weeks have been quite wild ride of things that could easily fit into the category of “everything that can go wrong, will go wrong”!  All day, yesterday, the old song from Hee Haw, “Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me”, played over and over in my mind – which didn’t help one bit!  hahaha

So, here’s the general idea:

On Monday, the 16th, I got in to work and started thinking about my Mom a lot more than usual.  She’s been having some trouble for quite some time, but something just kept telling me to call her.  When I did, she said she was just about to call me and tell me that she’s calling the ambulance to take her to the hospital.  If you knew my Mom, you’d know that this can’t be good……she just wouldn’t do that unless it was a last resort!  So, I went into “knee jerk reaction” mode and booked a flight that left within a couple of hours to get me up there to be with her!  I originally thought, I’d stay a few days to get her through whatever the doctors put her on and come on back home.  I probably wasn’t really needed, but it would put my mind at ease and just maybe help a little, too.

Well, it was a good thing I reacted to that knee jerk, cause it was BAD and got worse as the week progressed!  I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say that I really needed to be there!  And I ended up staying two weeks!

But, that wasn’t the only thing…….

I really had to rush to make the flight I booked!  I ran out of work, got to the house and met Ronald to help him get the girls to take them to Rae-Zor, threw a few cloths in a bag and sped to the airport!  When I got to my layover in Baltimore I realized that I was in such a rush, I completely forgot to grab my daily medications!!!  Ooppss!  So, I called my doctor to see if I could arrange for a small amount to be called in to the local pharmacy in my home town.  Seemed simple…….but, of course, it wasn’t!  Everyone – the doc and both Pharmacies (here and there) were all more than willing to help, but there was red tape that kept getting in the way of everything we tried!!!  After several calls over the next day, I finally got my meds!  And – it was a good thing I over estimated and asked for a 10 day supply “just in case”, because I ended up needing them all and wouldn’t have wanted to go through that again!

Megan got sick while at Rae-Zor and she had to spend a day at All Animals — bloody diarrhea that was probably stress related!!!  Katie sometimes gets stress related diarrhea, but Megan doesn’t and it was a lot worse than normal diarrhea!!!  So, I worried about her from then on — worrying if she was OK and dealing with the guilt that I probably caused it by traumatizing them all by rushing them off and then not coming back in a few days, like usual!!!  My poor babies!!!

I also lost two old high school friends to cancer during those two weeks – one I had heard about the morning I also heard about Mom and took off up north!  The other the day before I was set to leave and come back home.  I planned to attend the memorial for the first one, but Mom’s situation was more important and I didn’t make it.  I felt bad, but family does come first – ALWAYS!!!

When I got home on Friday, I discovered that in my rush to leave, I forgot about a bag of tomatoes and green peppers I had on the kitchen counter —- well, after two weeks, they were about as rotten as they could get!!!  I smelled them as soon as I entered the house!!!  YUCK-O!!!!  I also discovered when I got in to work on Monday that I had left about 1/2 a big travel mug full of tea on my desk —- which was moldy after two weeks!!!  Eeww!!!

But, with all that, the one thing that hit me as “are you freaking kidding me?” was when I fell at Mom’s!  Last Tuesday, I was headed out her front door to get the mail and misjudged a step and tumbled to the ground.  Oh, wait, that sounds graceful and simple —– it was anything but graceful and simple!  I twisted my right ankle….bent all my right toes backwards….which sent my balance all off….I fell in what seemed like slow motion……landing HARD on my left knee (my bad knee) square on the cement sidewalk…..bent my right wrist backwards trying to break my fall…….and twisted my right shoulder as I rolled over onto the grass to try to figure out if I was OK or not!!!!  I laid there for what seemed like several minutes in agony thinking about what will happen if I broke something and couldn’t get up — my Mom lives out on a country road — neighbors too far away to see me laying there — if a passing car DID happen to go by and they by chance looked into the yard, they wouldn’t see me cause I was laying behind the cars in the driveway — and, of course, I didn’t have my cell phone with me (although, who would I have called – maybe into the house to tell Mom I was outside and wouldn’t be in for a while, so don’t call out for me???)!!!  But, I was able to move, get up, realized nothing was broken, and limped into the house!!!  I iced the knee and ankle down and went on with what I needed to do —- but, man, both swelled and bruised and were bad the rest of the week!!!  The ankle was fine in no time, but the knee didn’t improve until this weekend.  Then, Monday and yesterday, it started aching again and throbbing again and I was concerned maybe I did more than just bang it up good!  So, I went to Urgent Care last night to get an X-ray.  Nothing cracked or chipped, but it did cause a major arthritis flare-up!!!  I haven’t had one of those in a long time — yeah, it hurts from time to time and I have to be careful with it, but nothing like this in a while!!!  So — I now have that to deal with until it calms down!  Uugghh!!!

So —- I’m ready for some good stuff to happen!!!  Bring it on!!!  LOL

2 Comments on “If it weren’t for bad luck…

  1. You definitely deserve some highs to counter all these lows. Maybe you’re getting it all over with at once and it’ll be nothing but sunshine and rainbows for a long, long while.

  2. Kim:

    You have been and always will be the most positive person in my life… one of the reasons I have always known that on those very important occassions that you were with me… I would succeed.

    How much I wished I could have been there with you through all of this as I read and kept track of these recent trials… So many of your friends held you in their thought, prayers and in the arms of love… I hope you felt that.

    Our friends who have lost their battle with cancer were/are well aware of your struggles and the deep love and respect your have for your mother… so they knew my friend… they knew.

    I think you are wonderful… just know I am here for you whenever you need… just call, an I will be there… you have a friend.

    God bless Kim. love ya

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