Wonderful Find

Thanks to a post by a fellow blogger, I discovered an amazing website.  It is totally devoted to recorded stories by real people capturing incredible memories and vulnerabilities.  It is a verbal blog from people of all walks of life with a wide range of things to say.  I watched the two animated recordings that are available – apparently, they just started to animate some of the recordings left on the site – and was utterly fascinated!  Both gave me something to laugh about and to cry about.  I found myself wishing I knew each of the story tellers personally so that I could go have a conversation with them from time to time.  I have listened to some of the others and can not wait for time to dig in and listen to more — and am looking forward to the next animated stories that are set to be available in the coming weeks.

The site?  StoryCorps!  The two animated shorts that touched me enough to make me want more?  Danny & Annie and Q&A — both well worth your time to watch and listen to their incredible stories.  Check it out — you won’t be sorry and you just might find yourself coming back for more!

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