Catching Up – Reviews, recipes, and more…

I had family visiting the last two weeks, so I didn’t take time to blog!  So – this post will catch up on movie and theater reviews, a made up recipe, and more thoughts worth jotting down!  We crammed a lot into two weeks and it ended way too soon!  But, it was a great two weeks!


I love having my Mom here — I really wish I could talk her into coming for more extended visits or to go ahead and move down here!  But, I’ll take whatever time I can get.  She was here two weeks this time and it was great!  The extra thrill this time was that my brother and his wife came for a long weekend while Mom was here.  It is the first time they have been to my current home.  The whole two week period was one treat after another!

The girls LOVED having company, too — they had non-stop attention and someone here just about all the time!  They love it when Mom comes, anyway — but when Kevin and Ace were here, too, they really ate that up! 


One night last week, Mom and I started thinking about what we wanted to do for dinner.  Mom said that she knew what she’d like to have, but didn’t know what to call it or even if it was something we could find somewhere!  She said the only name she could think of was “Hamburger Pie” — I asked if she meant something like a “Shepherd’s Pie” and she said no — more like the Calzones we had at Elizabeth’s, but with hamburger!  She asked if I thought we could special order one with hamburger!  I said I didn’t think so, but we can make it ourselves easy!!!  So, we made  a list of what we thought should go in it and I ran to Food Lion to buy the ingredients!  Here is what we came up with:

Bertolli Olive Oil and Garlic Tomato Sauce
Italian Seasonings
Mozzerella Cheese
Pillsbury Pizza Dough
Parmesean Cheese

We scrambled the hamburger, chopped onions and peppers with Italian Seasonings in a saute pan.  Then we mixed in enough tomato sauce to thoroughly coat the meat mixture.  We scooped the mixture onto the pizza dough.  For mine, I just rolled it up like a Calzone and put it in the oven.  For Mom’s, she added mushrooms and mozzarella cheese before she rolled it up and then she topped it with parmesan cheese.  We baked them per the instructions on the dough until it was nicely browned on the outside.

It was actually pretty good!!!!  If we had more time, we probably would have made our own dough, but it was supper time and we were hungry, so we opted for the canned dough – which was just fine!  We didn’t come up with a good name for it, but I would definitely make it again!


BINGO    lovehappens_smallposter    icandobad_smallfinal

Over the past two weeks, we saw several movies – some at the theater and some from NetFlix – and a performance at the Temple Theatre!  I won’t go into a lot of detail, but here are some brief summaries of our opinions:

BINGO, The Musical – I got tickets to see the first show of the Temple Theatre season on the Friday night after my brother and his wife arrived.  Mom, Kevin, Ace, and I had dinner at Elizabeth’s and then went to see the show at the theatre.  It was a delightfully entertaining show.  The best part?  Peggy Taphorn as Vern!  Peggy has great comic timing and it is a joy to experience her song and dance routines!  But, in this show, she did a totally enjoyable Clint Eastwood impersonation!  It was a fun start to the Temple season.  I look forward to the rest of the schedule.

Love Happens –  Mom and I saw this at Spring Lane Cinemas.  Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart starred in this dramatic romantic comedy.  We really enjoyed this movie!  But, I wasn’t prepared for it to be as sad as it was at times.  It is a really good story – very well done and exceptionally acted!  But — a lot of it was pretty intense!  The basic story, in a nut shell (without spoiling anything), is about a guy (Aaron Eckhart) who is a motivational speaker who helps people through their grief over the loss of a loved one, but never really worked through his own!  But, it is not all gloomy — it is also heart warming, touching, and funny at times.  Jennifer Aniston’s character comes along to bring a breath of fresh air into his life.  The characters are very real and believable. I would recommend it — but, yeah — be prepared for some intense scenes — take some Kleenex or napkins in with you!!!!

Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself– Mom and I also saw this one at Spring Lane Cinemas.  As with most Tyler Perry stories, there was some Madea being her usual outrageous self and a strong moral message.  Hope Olaide Wilson was wonderful as sixteen year old Jennifer.  Her Aunt April was portrayed by Taraji P. Henson.  Jennifer and her brothers were living with their Grandmother after their mother died of drug abuse.  When Grandma doesn’t come home from work for several days, Jennifer takes matters into her own hands to take care of her brothers – including stealing to get them money for food and the medicines one of her brothers needs.  They are dumped on their Aunt April, who doesn’t welcome the inconvenience!  Circumstances and emotions tear at them and bring them together.  Highlights in the movie include several songs at a local night club and church by Taraji P. Henson, Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, and Marvin Winans.  Definitely a good one to go see!

NetFlix– We saw several movies from NetFlix over the two weeks — some when Kevin and Ace were there and some just Mom and me!  The movies we saw included:  Gran Torino, We Own The Night, The Sentinel, Domestic Disturbance, Ghost Town, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Last Chance Harvey, and New In Town.   We liked all but one on some level – some more than others!  I think the best one was Domestic Disturbance.  The one we were most disappointed in was Ghost Town.  I didn’t think I saw this one before, but about 1/2 way through it, I realized I had seen it.  But, I was surprised when I went back to read my review from when I saw it at the theater — I actually liked it then!!!  This time it was only mildly funny and actually pretty lame!  I previously saw all of them and wrote reviews on all but two of them – click on the titles to go see my original reviews – I still pretty much agree with my thoughts at the time (except for Ghost Town).

That’s it……

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