Baby Therapy!

There is nothing like a baby or a puppy to put a smile on people’s faces and bring tears of joy to the eyes of even the least sentimental among us!  Gazing into the eyes of something so innocent, so new, so curious is so incredibly amazing!  Holding a baby or playing with a puppy is the best way to totally forget all about whatever is eating away at you – it is the best therapy in the world!

An old saying goes something like “where there’s one, there’s three” or “they come in threes”!  I am fascinated by the # 3 (check out a previous post devoted to the # 3), so I always watch for ways to prove this old wives’ tale!  But, this year has blown it totally out of the water when it comes to people I know who are having babies!  Four of my friends are pregnant – all due within a month or so of each other!  There are others I know in town who are also pregnant.  There are at least 3 women at work who are pregnant – one on my staff!  And my nephew’s wife is about 24 weeks pregnant for my very first great-nephew!!  WOW!!

I have been overwhelmed with emotion over the past week or so!  And babies and puppies have been the reason!  It wasn’t in the cards for me to have a baby of my own — the son I raised came to me the easy way — when he was 6 years old!  Although I love him and he is my son in every way that counts, I still feel that I missed out on an important experience!  So, I think that makes me adore being around babies and love watching friends and family enjoy the experience even more!

All of a sudden, it seems like the mini baby boom I mentioned here is bubbling with events and activities:

  1. This past week, I received an email with the 22 week ultrasound photo of my great-nephew!  It wasn’t the first photo I have received, but it came at a time when I am a buzz with other local baby events.  I hate that they live so far away and I can’t watch Bryan and Brianne enjoy this wonderous time in their lives.   We were all so happy about the Thanksgiving/Christmas time last year because Brianne was pregnant, but that one wasn’t meant to be.  Now, she is more than 1/2 way into her pregnancy and we all can’t wait to meet the little guy!!! 
  2. I’ve been having so much fun shopping for baby gifts!  Looking for those perfect gift items for showers and just to celebrate the joy of pregnancy and birth has been such a rush!  Especially for the two I know who are having little girls — not to down play the wonder of little boys, but I do get an extra special enjoyment out of buying baby girl gifts! 
  3. On Saturday, I attended a baby shower – for one of the two baby girls I know – and had a great time ooo-ing and aaa-ing over the little booties, outfits, hats, and other assorted gifts that were opened – mostly pink and all adorable!
  4. At about 12:30 am on Saturday morning, Hayley Alexandra Liggett was born!  Click here to read her proud Dad’s blog post and editorial column.  Due to the miracle of modern technology, her Mom and Dad were able to let all their Facebook friends know within minutes after her arrival that she was here and posted photos to show us how absolutely beautiful she was.  I, along with other Facebook friends, waited up in anxious anticipation for the news and shed tears of joy at being able to share in their magical event! 
  5. This evening, I was able to meet Hayley in person and she is incredible!  The entire time I visited with her parents and grandparents, I was able to hold that precious angel!  What a wonderful feeling!  There is something about having a baby cradled in your arms and the way a baby smells — so soothing — the perfect therapy for a long hard day!  I had a great time and could have sat there for hours on end!
  6. On Sunday, I volunteered with CARA for a puppy adopt-a-thon and I got to play with and cuddle puppies for a couple hours!  What a joy that was!  The puppy I took care of was named Maestro and he was adorable and playful and loveable – I hope someone gives him a forever home soon – he will make a wonderful addition to anyone’s family!  I went home all covered with puppy slobber and hair — the girls gave me the sniffing third degree to figure out where I had been and why I smelled like strange dogs, but it was so worth it!
  7. This Saturday I plan to attend a baby shower for another friend and can’t wait to see all the adorable baby things she gets!  What fun!
  8. I am starting to shop and gather a variety of cute little things for the upcoming arrival of my great-nephew!  His Dad, my nephew, is a huge UNC fan, so I’ve been picking up UNC themed baby items, as well as other stuff!  I am planning a trip up home in the next couple of months and will likely take what I have so far with me!  I am looking forward to seeing Brianne pregnant and checking out what preparations they have made for the baby — if I know Bryan, they already have the room ready and waiting!  I have a lot of catching up to do with them while I’m there!

So — babies galore!!  How wonderful it is to watch a new generation develop before my eyes!  And to be able to share in the joy of all the new parents is a pleasure, indeed!  I can’t wait to be a great aunt!  He will be the first of that generation in our family and I just know we’re all going to spoil him rotten!!! 

Congratulations to all the new and soon to be new parents – my friends and family!

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