I LOVE OCTOBER!  It is no secret that I grew up in Western New York, so I have experienced all the wonderful things that October has to offer.   Nowhere else can compare to October in NY – it is amazing!   I miss home for a lot of reasons — but October ALWAYS makes me homesick!!

Here are some of the reasons:

  • October is the defining month for the Autumn season – it is the start of the 4th quarter of the year – it is just an amazing month, filled with fun and joy!
  • Autumn lasts much longer in NY than it does in NC.  The height of the season is October, but it truly lasts the entire time the calendar gives it!  September begins the cooler days and the start of the beauty and it continues straight through November and the Thanksgiving holiday!
  • The beauty of the colors changing to signify the transition from summer to winter is a joy to behold!  You don’t have to drive to the mountains to enjoy the changing of the leaves – it is everywhere AND it is so much more breathtaking there!  I took a day drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway in mid-October a few years back to get a taste of what I have missed over the years in NC.  While it was beautiful — it just didn’t compare to the beauty in NY!
  • The smells of October are amazing — burning leaves, the cool air — it alerts your sense of smell and screams out the wonderfulness of the season!
  • The sounds of leaves rustling and crackling under your feet as you walk through the yard!  I used to love playing in the piles of leaves – kicking and throwing them around, laying and rolling around in them!  Just walking through ankle deep (or deeper) leaves can put a smile on my face!
  • APPLES — apple orchards are EVERYWHERE!  We lived out in the country and there were several apple orchards within walking distance and we’d go for a walk to town or to a friend’s house and pick a couple apples fresh off the trees to eat on the way and again on the way back!  Not to mention the homemade apple pies that were so plentiful due to the abundance of fresh apples!!!
  • Butternut Squash — I love having fresh butternut squash on the table!  Whether it is whipped with lots of butter and a touch of cinnamon or baked and eaten right out of the shell, the taste is rich and defines the Autumn season!
  • Pumpkin pie…..enough said!!!
  • Barn parties — hay rides — pumpkin fests — Indian Corn — etc….
  • Oktoberfests…….

Those are just a few of the reasons October is so wonderful and makes me miss my home and my family!  There are other more personal reasons, too – it is a month of family days and holidays:

  • My Grandparents had three grandchildren and we were ALL born in October:  My cousin’s birthday is Oct 2nd, my brother’s birthday is Oct 7th, and mine is Oct 24th!  I even had a sister-in-law who’s birthday was in Oct – the 17th!
  • My Grandparent’s wedding anniversary was Oct 14th
  • And then there is Halloween – the second best holiday of the year (of course, Christmas is the very best!)

Join me in celebrating October — what a great month!

One Comment on “October

  1. You should run for Mayor! Enjoy reading your blogs.
    I am in NY now with my brother. It is beautiful in the fall. Hope to see you in the future.


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