The Girls

all_three_in_one_shotI haven’t devoted a post to the girls in a while.  Not because they stopped giving me cool things to write about, but more because they stopped doing those “I can laugh now, but man, it wasn’t funny at the time” type of things!  But they are still amazing and a joy to have in my life!

So – what have they been up to now that they no longer eat furniture and destroy everything they come into contact with?

Katie turned 5 years old in April.  Megan and Amy both turned 3 in August.  They still go berserk when company comes over – it is like they never saw another human being before and they have to get all the attention they can get just in case they never see another one again!  But other than that, they are settled and moving nicely into adulthood!  Wow – that is a strange word to use when talking about them – they will always be babies! 

It is so cool to see Megan start to enjoy plush toys – the right way!  She always did enjoy them, but they rarely lasted more than a few minutes before all the stuffing and the squeaker was removed!  Now, she totes them around and throws them in the air and falls asleep with her arm around them — so cute!!!!  If she is anywhere near a toy when I say “whatch got there, Megan?”, she proudly picks it up and comes over to wiggle around and show it off!  Then she plays the fade out game — she acts like she wants me to take it to play with her, but then she suddenly turns her head so I can’t reach it!  That can go on for what seems like hours!  ha-ha

Katie and Amy are the sweethearts — they just want to be sweet and lovable!

The big thing right now is all three are constantly digging their way to China to find the moles that are tunneling under my back yard eating grubs!  Every year at this time, I end up with a grub problem, which brings moles to my yard, which results in the dogs going nuts trying to dig them up!!!  The recent rain really made the problem worse!  So — the elves came last week and spread out grub control!  Once that works, the moles should go away to look for food somewhere else – at least I hope they will – they usually do – and the digging will stop – again, I hope it will – it usually does!  The girls don’t typically dig – unless they hear/smell moles invading their territory – then they go on the hunt!  It is so funny to see the perfect trenches they dig and how deep they go to find the mole tunnels!  But, the worst part is that when they find one, they try to bring it in the house!!!  I have to check to see if they have any gifts before I let them in — uugghh!

So — there are parts of my back yard that are a mess right now and one of the new trees that were planted this spring is uprooted and on its side (a perfect tunnel was dug under and all around it) — but, once we know the moles are gone and the digging stops, the elves will bring a load of dirt and fill in all the lovely trenches that the girls have created!  I know the grub control is working – there are dead grubs all over the edge of my patio, sidewalk, and driveway!  Eeewww!

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