Footprints in the shower

Every time I get in the shower, Katie and Amy lay patiently on the bed – taking the opportunity for a little relaxation!  But, Megan stands just outside the shower door – standing vigil – waiting anxiously for me to get done and step out!  Not because she misses me or doesn’t like to have me out of her sight!  No – she stands there waiting for her turn to get IN the shower!

As soon as I am done and out, she gets in and starts licking up the water off the floor of the shower, off the seat that usually catches a puddle, and the walls!  She works diligently until all the water that she can reach is gone!  (good thing I make sure all the soap is rinsed down before I get out!)

It would be really cool to have the shower cleaned by such a dedicated worker — if only it ended up clean when she was done!  The problem is, she has usually already been outside and has dirty little feet…….so, this usually results in muddy footprints in the shower AND on the tile floor heading out of the bathroom when she’s done!

Here is the result of Megan’s shower cleaning efforts this morning — I affectionately call it “footprints in the shower”:






And it isn’t just my shower, either — when Mom was here and using the tub/shower combo in the guest bathroom, Megan hopped into the tub to clean up after her, too!

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