That’s OK – no thanks required…

I was sitting at the computer, relaxing, sipping a cup of Blueberry Tea, thinking about what I want to wear today, when I started hearing some strange noises coming from the bedroom across the hall……snorting, grunting, muffled whining, scratching……(get your minds out of the gutter, now)!  So, I got up and went in to see what was going on!

There was Megan, on her belly, trying her darndest to stretch as far as she could to reach something under the bed (the frame is too low for her to get under it).  Her little arm and head were as far in as they would go and her back feet were digging in to gain traction and leverage!  She was working so hard to get “something”! 

When she heard me in the doorway, she slipped out and ran to me, whining, to plead for help!  So, I got down on the floor to see what she was after……there it was……about half way to the other side……..her favorite ball!!!!   But, alas, I couldn’t reach it, either!  So, I got up, got the dust mop, got back down on the floor, and used it to pull the ball close enough so I could get it!!  Success!!  I saved the day!!

Megan grabbed the ball from my hand and ran excitedly out of the room, squeaking the ball all the way down the hallway!!!!  I got up off the floor and called after her……”that’s OK, no thanks required, but a kiss might have been nice, since I saved the day for you…..but, that’s OK!”  ha-ha-ha

By the way, she did come back after I got comfortable back in the den with my cup of tea…..she was all wiggles with her ball in her mouth to show me how happy and proud she was……so, I got a big “thank you”, afterall!

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