Bread Discovery

I stopped in at Food Lion last night for a few groceries and made an amazing discovery – a new kind of bread!  I had a craving all day for a good hamburger made with onion soup mix, so I got a small package of hamburger and a bunch of other stuff I was out of.  When I got to the bread aisle, I looked for some hamburger buns and something caught my eye.  I’m not sure why I even gave it a second look cause I was specifically looking for hamburger buns……but, it looked cool, so I picked it up for a closer look.  The package was Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats – 100 calorie thin rolls – soft 100% whole wheat!  They kinda look like pita bread, so I thought they would be hard and dry – but, I poked at them and they felt soft!!!  I’m always looking for bread that won’t add on a lot of carbs, so I thought they might be worth a try.  I almost bought a package of hamburger buns, too……just in case……but, decided that would be a waste of money, so just got the package of deli flats.

I got home and put my groceries away, fed the girls, and made my hamburger – mixed in an envelope of onion soup mix and a little Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder!  It was delicious!!!  But, the best part by far was this new bread!!!  It was surprisingly good!!!  It had a really nice whole grain flavor that was very evident – even over the highly seasoned hamburger, the miracle whip, the ketchup, and the sugar-free sandwich pickles!  I was shocked that I could taste the bread at all! 

And it only had 19 total grams of carbs!!!  And only 100 calories!!!  And BIG flavor!!!  And soft!!!  It comes in three varieties, too — Soft 100% Whole Wheat, 7-Grain, and Whole Grain White. 

I have a new favorite sandwich bread!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Try them out — I bet you like them, too!

2 Comments on “Bread Discovery

  1. Kim — We LOVE these!! I’ve never used them for hamburgers, but they are now our go to sandwich bread. I am not a standard wheat bread fan, so I was so excited that we all like these!!

  2. These are hit in my house, too. I use English muffins at breakfast but the sandwich thins for everything else (sandwiches, cheese toast, buns, garlic bread, etc). They are so tasty!

    Unfortunately, the past few times, they have gone moldy fast so you have to be careful of how long they’ve been on the shelf when you buy them.

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