Doggie Dreams

Ever wonder what a dog dreams about? I do….. My girls seem to have some of the most active dreams and they have them often! For instance, I am sitting here trying to get off this computer, get my rear in gear, and go up to get dressed and start my day. But, I am fascinated by the sounds and movements of my beautiful Katie, who is sleeping beside me, involved in an obviously engaging dream!


She is twitching and jerking and huffing and puffing and barking and growling and kicking and scratching at the air! I can only imagine what she’s dreaming about, because whenever any of them have a great dream that really gets them going physically and vocally, they NEVER wake up and say, “Hey, Mom, I just had the most amazing dream…..let me tell you about it”! But, knowing Katie, I’ll bet she’s dreaming about chasing and catching up with that pesky rabbit or cat that keeps teasing her from the other side of the fence just out of reach!

Oh, how I wish I could know for sure……..



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