Just Thinkin’

Lots going on……..lots of thoughts clunking around in my head…….lots of projects and lists and stuff to consider and plan and do!  It is April, already! Just two days ago marked FIVE MONTHS since I moved back home to Albion.  WOW – can you believe it?  On one hand, so much has been happening that I think I’ve had to have been here way longer than five months.  But, then again, I feel like I just got here, I blinked, and bam – five months have flashed by in a nanosecond.  After all, I still have stuff I haven’t settled, yet.  Where’d the time go?  Every day over the past couple of weeks, I planned on jotting down some thoughts and every day stuff starts taking up the time and I just say I’ll do it “tomorrow”.  Well, I decided this evening to just sit here and do it!  So, here you go.  Just a bunch of random thoughts I wanna clear out of my head.

First thing…….did you notice I changed the theme on my page?  I thought pink and flowers was very “Spring-like” and added a pop of color and a bit of cheer.  What do you think?

It is “project” time……April showers may bring May flowers, but spring brings on projects!  And I have several I am planning for the house that will all be completed this month!  Lots going on to make for a busy month, for sure!

There is something in Albion that I’m having a hard time getting used to — Four-Way Stops!!!  This is a very small village that has more 4-way stops than I’ve ever seen anywhere!  I find myself sitting at the stop sign waiting for an oncoming car on the cross street to pass through and realizing I could have proceeded cause they are going to stop – especially intersections that I drove through for years when I lived here before and they were just normal intersections, then, but now are different!  I also get confused when I come to a 4-way stop and the person who was first to the intersection (the one with the right of way) motions for me to go first.  But, the most difficult part is when I have to stop at every block on a particular street, but the 4-ways vs. regular stop signs isn’t consistent.  I’m driving along and stop at 2 or 3 consecutive 4-ways and know that I can proceed if there is oncoming traffic cause I am first to the intersection and they will be stopping – then, I come up on one that isn’t a 4-way and I have to deliberately think and remember that on THIS intersection I can’t go ahead and proceed cause the oncoming car doesn’t have a stop sign!  It’s like learning to drive all over again – you have to go back to the basic ways of thinking things through as you drive because it messes with what you think you’ve known and done automatically for many, many years of driving!

I have put together a list of “day trips” I am planning for later this spring and into the summer.  Most have to wait until after Memorial Day because they are seasonal and currently closed for the season.  But, I can start doing some once the projects are done and I have more time to just go have a leisurely day of driving around.  I hope to have some grand adventures to write about once I start whittling away at my list – everything from the quirky spots like the birth place and museum of Jell-O and the only remaining Kazoo factory and museum in North America (both in little towns near here), to fabulous lake destinations like Olcott Beach, to hitting up as many old country Amish shops as I can find, to the great wine trails throughout the Niagara and Finger Lakes regions, to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, to the glass museum in Corning, and much, much more!  I have so much I want to reacquaint myself to that were old favorites and even more I want to discover for the first time.  It is going to be a great year of finding out what is wonderfully the same and what is new or different about the fabulous area I grew up in!  Bring on the warm weather and exciting adventures!

Well, that’s all I have time for, today………More thoughts to come – stay tuned!

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