And now I know…….

First, I have a comment on yesterday’s post before I start on todays topic!  All that talk about Spring Fever and putting the patio set out and blah blah blah?  Well, NEVERMIND!!!  This morning – after two days of temperatures close to the 60s, my patio and steps down to the yard now looks like this – the result of an hour or two of big fluffy flakes falling pretty heavy and steady:

So now on with today’s topic – which is actually related to my comment about yesterday’s topic!

Since I first moved here in November, I have gotten a lot (I mean a LOT) of comments and questions from people about my car.  Things like, “I hope you’re not planning on driving that thing in the winter up here”, “you gonna garage that pretty car for the winter, aren’t you?”, or “how does it do on ice and snow?”!  My responses have been, “yes, it is my only car, I have to drive it or stay home”, “yep, I have a garage”, and “don’t know, yet!”  I thought about getting a second vehicle for the winter – a “winter beater”, but so far, I’ve been lucky – mild winter that only had a few days I didn’t feel comfortable driving and no need to go out on those days – plus, the days that I did drive on a little slushy conditions, the old girl did just fine!!!!  So, I just couldn’t see spending the money on another car, registration, insurance, etc. – especially since it would likely just be a winter car!

The days I did drive on slushy roads helped boost my confidence – I felt like I could handle driving in a little snow.  After all, I drove in a WHOLE lot worse snow for many years when I lived here before!  I remember using my car to plow through snow that was up over the bumper and just kept on going!  But, I do know the Mustang is a different animal – they aren’t built for driving in the snow and I’m sure the tires aren’t meant for it, either – “high performance” (engine or tires) does not equal stable driving in wintry conditions!  Even so, this morning I felt confident!  The forecast was calling for 1-2 inches for the day and it looked like the snow that was falling on the streets was melting right away.  So, I got ready to head out for an appointment.  By the time I got ready, it was much worse – the snow was coming down harder, the yard already had at least 2 inches on the ground and the street was filling in, too!  But, I thought I could handle it, so I got in the car and pulled out of my garage.  There was quite a bit of snow on the street, but it is a short out-of-the-way street and I figured the ones that get more traffic would be better.  I did OK getting out of my neighborhood, but started to run into trouble getting onto Main Street.  I wasn’t breaking 10-15 mph and I still had a hard time stopping the car for the stop sign and then giving it some gas to move on just made the back wheels spin and fish tail while trying to gain some traction!  Once I got moving, again, the back-end would fish tail every time I tried to give it just the slightest bit of gas!  And…….it was snowing so hard that visibility was pretty close to zero!  I knew I needed to just get back home and get off the streets, but the visibility was so bad I didn’t dare pull into a driveway to turn around – wasn’t sure if I’d see if I had room to back out onto the street or if an oncoming car would see me if I did try it!  So – I drove much farther than I should have to get back home safe and sound.  By the time I got home, the snow had let up (although, the tracks I made when I left were all filled in like no one had driven down the street or in my driveway), but I was so tense and stiff that every bone and muscle in my body hurt!!!

So, now I know the answer to the question:  “how does it do on ice and snow?”  The answer is:  “not so good!”  Since I know it is highly unlikely that I’ll be lucky enough to have TWO mild winters in a row and I can’t hibernate every winter the rest of my life, I think I’ll probably get that “winter beater” before next winter – something that will be good in the snow and maybe can be used for other things that the Mustang isn’t good for!

My confidence took a beating today, but I’ll survive!

Oh, and the forecast for the next couple of weeks (after tomorrow) looks like Spring will return with highs in the upper 50s, low 60s!!!!  I think I’ll get myself back a little of that Spring Fever that flew out the window this morning!

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