Spring Fever

I definitely have Spring Fever!  It is an illness I get about this time every year.  It isn’t necessarily tied to the calendar, but sort of is.  Mostly, it is tied to the point in time when the weather starts to break after the winter months.  This year, though, I’m a little bit concerned that it is premature – a false sense of “springishness”.  I’m not in NC, anymore – where the first signs of spring typically mean we’re in for a couple of weeks of really lovely weather before the summer heat starts to invade us!  I’m in NY, now – where there is a chance of wintery weather through April and even possibly May!  But, then again, it has been an unusually pleasant and mild winter, so who knows – maybe we are done with it, but I’m not counting those chickens quite yet!

The symptoms of Spring Fever:  you start thinking about getting your spring/summer wardrobe ready, you get the itch to be outside more, you start thinking about what flowers you’ll plant and how you’ll decorate your patio for the summer, and you get a little more giddy-up in your go!!!

The causes of Spring Fever:  turning the calendar page and seeing “First Day of Spring” on one of the days, first signs of warmer temperatures, and anticipation of switching to daylight savings time!!!

Yesterday was the first really nice, warm day of the season — we hit 60!!!!  I loved just putting a sweater on to go out and run my errands.  As soon as I turned the calendar to March and noticed the first day of spring marked on the 20th and started hearing that we’ll turn the clocks ahead this coming Sunday, I started searching the catalogs for new clothes for spring and bought some new tops!  I thought about putting out my wicker patio set, but it was a little too windy, so decided to wait.  And, I had a real strong urge to put the top down on the pony…….but, it isn’t THAT warm, yet!!!!  I’m making a mental list of day trips and things I’d like to do once the weather is sure to stay nice – let the adventures begin!!!

The forecast shows a drop in temps tonight and a couple of days back in the 30s, but then it is supposed to go back up into the high 50s and low 60s for much of the next couple of weeks!!!  YAY!!!  Guess I need to go ahead and get that wicker patio set out on the patio and go shop for a patio table, chairs, and umbrella and a grill!  It will soon be time to start spending quality time outside in the fresh air and sunshine…………………do they have that in Western NY before August?  hehehehehe  Of course they do and I am soooooooooo looking forward to it!!!!

Yep, I have Spring Fever, but I’m not looking for a cure any time soon!!!

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