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Movie Review – Swing Vote

I went to see “Swing vote” yesterday and I have to say it was actually quite good! It can’t be compared to other Costner classics, like “Field of Dreams“, “The Bodyguard“, “Bull Durham“, or “Message in a Bottle“. But it also doesn’t fall to… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Swing Vote”

Paris For President!!!

Have you seen this??? It is so HOT!!! I love it!!! Unfortunately, the HTML didn’t work, so you’ll have to click on this link — but it is worth the effort – I promise!!! Paris Hilton For President!!!

Saturday Morning Ramblings

I haven’t done a “just rambling” post in a while — plenty of specific topics took priority lately! So, here you go with everything that is on my mind this lovely Saturday morning: Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! So, I thought I would talk a… Continue Reading “Saturday Morning Ramblings”

Whew! What a night!

I’m beat! It was a LONG day! First – my day at work was busy, busy, busy! Then, I left about 4:00 to get to the Deep River Elementary School to man the Kid’s Voting Booth from 4:30 – 7:30. I had to get… Continue Reading “Whew! What a night!”

Candidate’s Forum and Kid’s Voting

I had the pleasure of attending the Candidate’s Forum for the folks running for the Lee County School Board this evening. Communities In Schools has been working with Lee County Schools and the Sanford Herald for the second time (the last time was 2… Continue Reading “Candidate’s Forum and Kid’s Voting”

Tuesday Ramblings

Just some thoughts for the day: My fractured rib is actually starting to feel a little better today — it was pretty bad the past few days, but I got up this morning and didn’t immediately need to reach for the Motrin to make… Continue Reading “Tuesday Ramblings”

The Votes Are In…..

OK – first and foremost —– Jane and Tony went home tonight on Dancing With The Stars!!!!! They put forth a good competition and worked hard, but they are waltzing their way home…… As for the municipal elections in Sanford – WOO HOO to… Continue Reading “The Votes Are In…..”

Elections In Sanford

The elections in Sanford are concluding today and I, for one, am glad! I cringe a little when I see all the name calling and finger pointing that elections tend to bring out! I like to focus on the issues and what a candidate… Continue Reading “Elections In Sanford”