Saturday Morning Ramblings

I haven’t done a “just rambling” post in a while — plenty of specific topics took priority lately! So, here you go with everything that is on my mind this lovely Saturday morning:
  • Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! So, I thought I would talk a little about my Mom’s progress since the hip replacement surgery! She’s recovering from that pretty good – she is walking around with a cane and doesn’t have any pain to speak of – she’s just still kinda unsteady on her feet because the nerves and muscles are still mending and strengthening. So, that part is good – surprisingly good – if that was all she had to deal with, she’d be in great shape! However, she has been having some other difficulties that we have heard other’s who have had hip or knee replacement surgeries have also gone through, so we’re hoping it is connected and will go away soon! She’s had some serious swelling of her legs and feet, major fluid retention, shortness of breath, tires out super easy! And, she had to go back into the hospital for a couple days with pneumonia a week or so ago! They have been running tons of tests and CT Scans and had her go in for a stress test (the kind that they inject the nuclear stuff in to elevate the heart rate cause she can’t do it the usual way because of her hip)! She also quit smoking (after 50+ years of smoking) during her stay in the hospital and rehab for the surgery and has the usual withdrawal things to deal with! So — she’s got a lot going on and just generally doesn’t feel so good!! She says that she felt better when she smoked – hope she doesn’t give in to that and start up again!
  • So – what did I do for Mom for Mother’s Day???? I sent her a floral arrangement in a coffee mug from 1-800-Flowers! The mug says “Who are all these kids and why are they calling me Mom?” — she got a kick out of it!!! It was just a small token for her to have for the actual Mother’s Day! I have a short trip up to see her planned and we’ll do a “real” celebration then!
  • The hail storm last night didn’t leave me with any damage – I see a lot of good healthy leaves on the ground, but doesn’t look like I have any plant / shrub damage! Like I said in the “Hail Hail” post last night – good thing I keep the pony in the garage! I would be heart sick if my beautiful Mustang got damaged at all! I’ll go out and look closer at things later, but from what I can see from the deck, all looks fine!
  • I’ve been to a lot of places where I’ve had the opportunity to over hear opinion debates and other cool conversations about our town, but none as enjoyable as what I experienced yesterday! If the politicians and any other citizens want to get a good grasp on the pulse of this community, all they need to do is have breakfast or lunch at Mrs. Wengers and “listen”. I did just that yesterday – not as a deliberate act, but it just happened that a quick last minute decision had me pop in to Mrs. Wengers for lunch. It wasn’t very busy for a Friday at noon, which surprised me! I sat in a booth in the main room (the one with a counter) and ordered my lunch. As I sat there waiting for it and then while I ate, I had the pleasure of over hearing some really good, friendly exchange of opinions on all the recent issues in Sanford – the election, the tax issues, and other topics! I wasn’t there long – I had to get back to work – but during the 20-30 minutes I was there, I heard every side of every issue intelligently and respectfully debated! I particularly enjoyed the “respectfully” part!!! You know, everyone has an opinion and has a right to it!! What I hate about a lot of the conversations and writings about the recent issues (and any issues that come up in this town, for that matter) is that people tend to express their opinion and then get all freaked out when someone offers a differing view point! No matter what side you’re on, people tend to be more vocal about how stupid and invalid the other person’s opinion is than just making their own point and moving on! NO ONE’s opinion is stupid or invalid!! It’s their opinion and it should be respected! A great statement I really like is: “Every one’s truth is their truth” – in other words, just because something differs from your view doesn’t mean that the other person’s view is any less true or valid to them! The ability to openly share opinions is what makes this country great — it would be a pretty boring world if everyone had the same opinion or were afraid to express it!!! So – keep the debates healthy and respectful and stop all this angry criticism of the opinions that don’t mirror yours!! (BTW – that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it — I’ll slap anyone who dares to argue with it! ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!)
  • Speaking of opinions – I had some fun with Jay Riley the other night! I rarely express a specific political opinion in public to take a stance for or against a specific issue or candidate – I have some good conversations with friends, but that’s as far as I usually go with it (other than “in general” comments)! Earlier this week, I posted a comment on Bill Horner’s blog about my opinion on the sales tax issue – there, I did it! First time ever! Well, a day or so later Jay Riley posted a comment and mentioned my comment – he “countered” me!!!! ha-ha The first time I ever post a political stance and I get countered – and by a friend, at that!!!! ha-ha It was NOT an angry counter point — and was actually a nice way to respond! But, when I read it I shook my head and said “Jay, Jay, Jay – you missed my point!” So, I posted my SECOND ever public political comment to clarify myself! Well – I ran into Jay and Holly at the Civic Center Thursday night — I’ve known them for a few years and really like them both a lot – they are good people!!! Jay put his arm around me and laughed and said he didn’t realize it was me that made the comment until he read my “clarification”!!! So, of course, I had to “give him the business” about it – how dare he counter me the one and only time I went out on a limb and offered my opinion! ha-ha-ha It was fun!!!! (snide little chuckle and sh** eating grin going on here)
  • The girls are enjoying their play time outside in the back yard on this beautiful morning! They are such happy girls! Not a lot going on with them lately — except for their usual cute, adorable, wonderful personalities!!! They are such a joy!! The other day, I was in an all day development session and the topic came up about waking up grouchy and how it can set a negative tone for the whole day!!! I had to speak up and say that I RARELY wake up grouchy – that I usually wake up singing Broadway show tunes to the girls — it’s what happens AFTER that that turns me grouchy!!!! ha-ha-ha

Well, I’ve got some errands to run and things to do around the house today — so, better get busy!!!

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