Hail, Hail…

A storm just blew through here and is still in process! Thunder, lightening, rain — and HAIL — huge hail balls and lots of them!!! I was watching TV and heard the thunder, noticed the lightening, and it was apparent that it was raining, but not too loudly. Then, I started hearing these pings on the roof, windows, and chimney – LOUD pings! I looked out on the deck and it looked like a snow storm out there!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much hail coming down at the same time……how much you wanna bet I find some damaged plants or bushes tomorrow???!!! So glad I keep the pony in the garage – I’d hate to see marks on her pretty red paint!!!

OK – sounds like the worst is over! No more hail – just some distant thunder! WHEW!

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