01-20-09 – A Day To Remember

Today was a memorable day for several reasons.  All days have something that make them unique – regardless of how much you may think it is all the “same ole, same ole” routine, give it some thought and you’ll find something unique.  Today, however, didn’t take much thought to find the special things that made it memorable.

So, what made today memorable?

  • First, we woke up to the first snow of 2009.  And not just the usual dusting or mostly ice that we typically get in Sanford, NC!  We ended up with an official measurement of 6″ – but I think it was at least a couple more than that!  It snowed all night and most of the day and covered everything!  The girls LOVED it — they ran and chased each other and bit at the snow and burrowed their noses through it — it was so much fun watching them!  Here are some pics of the girls playing in Sanford’s first (and hopefully last) snow of 2009:




  • Fellow Sanford Blogger, Melissa (I’m The Mama) had her baby this afternoon – per a Facebook status update, Violet came in with the storm at 12:28 and weighed 8 lbs, 5 oz.  Congratulations, Melissa!
  • And the obvious — the country has a new President!  Regardless of who is elected into office, Inauguration Day is a big deal – the changing of the guard, so to speak!  It is always exciting to see a new President take office and bring the opportunity for fresh ideas and new view points.  This Inauguration was especially historic – the first African American President!  Obama wasn’t my candidate during the election, but the results made him my President, so it is time for the country to stand behind him and hope for enough cooperation from all the other politicians to avoid the fighting that usually creates too many road blocks to success!  Good Luck and God Speed, President Obama!
  • And the last thing that made today special — one of our own – Sanford Herald’s Jonathan Owens had the once in a lifetime experience of being one of the authorized press covering the Inauguration!!!  What a thrill that must be for him — so exciting!  Read his coverage in the Sanford Herald and on his blog.  Good job, Jonathan – have a safe trip home!

So – yes, today was exciting and oh so special on many levels and for many reasons…..it will be a part of our memories for many years to come!

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