Pat Paulsen For President

Does anyone remember the Pat Paulsen For President campaign in 1968? Who was Pat Paulsen, you ask? Well – Pat was a comedian on the Smother’s Brothers Comedy Hour – a TV show that aired in the late ’60s – click here for his Wikipedia page. As a way to make fun of the 1968 Presidential race, Pat launched a nation wide campaign as a write in candidate for President! The act was continued in subsequent years and was HUGE! His name appeared on ballots as late at 1996 and actually received votes!

Sadly, Pat passed away in 1997, so we can not vote for him this year — but, we can keep his memory and vision alive through You Tube! So he’s dead – “Picky, Picky, Picky!!!” Dear Pat, If you’re listening, we sure could use you this year!!!

Update: Per the comment left on this post by Noma Paulsen, you can get more info about Pat on his website:

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