It is the simple things…

Dogs are so great — it doesn’t take much at all to make them ecstatically happy!! The girls are no exception — the simplest things send them into a frenzy of total pleasure! Sometimes that means they get all excited and crazy, sometimes it means they wag their tails and wiggle around, and sometimes it just means they get all content and relaxed!

Here is the one particular simple thing that makes each one happy:

  • Katie loves to hold hands! She’ll sit next to me and I’ll put my hand out and she’ll put one of her paws in it. I hold it and rub it and she’ll sit there holding hands for as long as I’ll hold it – I am ALWAYS the first to let go cause she’ll sit there for hours just holding hands! When I do start to let go and pull away, she’ll grip her toes around my hand to keep me from getting away!
  • Amy loves to be close and have me put my arm around her shoulders! She’ll sit next to me and if I don’t put my arm around her, she’ll scrunch closer or wiggle or lay her head on my shoulder or something to get me to put my arm around her! When I do, she just leans into it and lays her head on my shoulder! If I am standing on the deck at the railing looking out over the back yard, she’ll put her front paws up on the railing so I can put my arm around her and we’ll both stand there looking out over the yard together!
  • Megan loves to play ball! She’ll squeak her balls and bring them to me to throw – over and over and over – and if I am busy and don’t take it to throw, she’ll relentlessly squeak it in at me until I give in!

    Here are just some of the simple things that get them ALL in a state of bliss:

    • Hearing their name!
    • Hearing my voice!
    • Scalp massages!
    • Snuggle-fests!
    • Wrestle/tickle-fests!
    • Singing and dancing around the house with me!
    • Their pool!
    • Their toys!
    • Anything that moves!
    • Laying on the bed!
    • Going for a ride in the car!
    • Meeting new people!
    • Laying in the sun!
    • Biscuits!!!!!!!
    • Chews!!!!!!!

    And that is the “short list”!

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