Well – it is raining…..duh!

Actually, not so much right now, but Hanna has made things pretty soggy! Right now, it there is a heavy misting going on and the breeze isn’t as strong as it was a little earlier.

Last evening, as the wind started to pick up, I realized I should take in my beautiful new patio umbrella that I got at the Arden sale and not risk having the wind ruin it! So, I went out in the rain and pulled it out of the stand and brought it in the house (I didn’t want to walk through the already soggy grass to the shed). Since it was wet, I put it in the tub in the guest bathroom – it was the best place for it – out of the way and where the drips could be contained! Well, this morning I woke up, let the girls out and went into the guest bathroom to splash some water on my face and brush my hair – as usual, I didn’t turn the light on and as soon as I entered the room, I caught sight of that big umbrella in the tub out of the corner of my eye and jumped out of my skin!!!! I leaped sideways and banged my hip and wrist on the sink cabinet and stubbed my toe – ouch! It only took me a second to realize that my first thought (that someone was standing in my tub) was, of course, incorrect and that it was just that darned umbrella! But it sure succeeded in waking me up – fast!

My mushroom crop is gone – the mower ate them all!!! Maybe all this rain will sprout a new crop……..

It is going to be a good day to hibernate with the girls and be lazy! I see a marathon of LifeTime movies in my near future. Right now, I am enjoying “The Family Stone” on FX – good movie!

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