Hhmm – curious things I’m finding….

I have discovered two very curious things this week…..
  1. I did a load of laundry and when I pulled the clothes from the dryer, they had all these white silky threads clinging to everything!! The threads were all the same length – about 6″ and looked the same! The load I washed was all just dress pants and tops for work, so I couldn’t imagine what these threads came from! But I was terribly annoyed that I had a mess on my hands! I pulled the filter screen out and it was FULL of these threads, too!! What in the world were they and where did they come from????? Then it hit me!!!! I took down the shear curtain I have on my back door and washed it a few days ago — it has (or had) fringe all along a valance type top. I didn’t even notice when I took it out of the dryer and put it back up on the door that the fringe was gone and only small balls remained!!! The fringe was all now in my washer AND dryer!!!! I have no idea how I missed noticing it BEFORE I put in a load of my good clothes!!! Uugghh!!!
  2. I let the girls out the other day and noticed what looked like a pile of white something out in the back yard. I kept looking at it to see if I could figure out what it was — I imagined they had tore up something or found something to play with and there it was! But – I was still in my jammies, so I didn’t go out and look at it up close. Later in the day, I let them out again and it caught my eye, so I went out to see what it was and toss it out! Well, it wasn’t a toy — it was a crop of mushrooms!!! BIG mushrooms!!! With all this rain we’ve been having, they sprouted up like they were meant to be there! There were 5 or 6 of varying sizes – the largest was about 5″ across and the smallest was about 3″ across – but most were in that 4-5″ range — BIG!!! And they just popped up over night!!!

So – mysteries solved!

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