Mid Week Rambling….

Since I was off on Monday for Labor Day, I can’t keep what day it is straight in my head! Today is Weds, today is Weds, today is Weds……..only problem with doing that is that tomorrow, I’ll STILL think it is Weds! ha-ha-ha

My Mom sent me an email this morning that cracked me up!!! It was related to my use of the term “The Girls” when I refer to my dogs – Katie, Megan, and Amy! I make it a priority to allow time to go home and take care of the girls when I have a lot going on – I don’t care what I’m late for – the girls come first!!!! I write her all the time to say “I ran home and took care of the girls and then (fill in the activity or destination)….” or I’ll say “I got up and took care of the girls and then went about my business…..” and so on! Well, she got a real kick out of this morning’s Good Morning America (I think that’s the show she mentioned) — apparently there was a lady on there promoting her new book “Taking Care of the Girls” and she laughed her butt off when she found out the book was about Breast Health and Self Exam……….ha-ha-ha-ha She said she would forever have a very different picture in mind when I say “I ran home to take care of the girls….” ha-ha

I was listening to the podcast for The Rant this evening and they were making “fart” noises to make a point on one of their topics during the first half of the show. It drove Katie nuts!!! ha-ha I make motorboat sounds with my mouth to get them riled up and they dance a round and whine and growl and howl………it is fun!! Anyway — when Katie heard the “fart” sounds on the computer, she thought it was me making my motorboat sounds — but, it puzzled her when she came up beside me and I was obviously NOT making the noises! She jumped off the couch and ran around the living room trying to find out where the sound was coming from and it just drove her nuts!!! Megan and Amy just slept through it…….but Katie really enjoyed it!!

I couldn’t get to sleep last night — I tossed and turned all night long and might have actually gotten about 3 hours sleep! I sure hope tonight is better! I hate it when I have a long bout with insomnia! I hope this isn’t going to be one of those!

So – I’m heading to bed to see if I can get some real sleep tonight! But – I need to take care of the girls, first — the four legged girls, that is! ha-ha-ha

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