Tuesday Thoughts…

I started a Facebook page a couple weeks ago so that I could join The Rant fan base. Within a couple hours of setting it up, I got a friend request from someone I went to high school with!!! I was amazed!!! From then on, I have found and connected with several of my high school friends on Facebook!! I also found a bunch of friends from work and fellow bloggers, but it is the high school friends that I am most surprised and pleased to have found! We graduated in 1974, so this coming June will be 35 years since graduation and just about that long since I’ve seen some of them! I think I like Facebook!!!

I heard some sad news today — El Rancho, the Caribbean restaurant on Wicker Street, went out of business! I always hate to hear of any business that doesn’t make it, but I know the owner – Jose – and he had such a passion for bringing his specialized cuisine to Sanford. It is a really tough year for small businesses — just recently, we’ve seen Casa Toscana and Julia’s Cuban Sandwich restaurants go out of business and now El Rancho is closed. I’m sorry to see them all go – they each brought a unique ethnic touch to Sanford!

I went to Myra’s Kitchen tonight to show her past Gala photos and talk about what she can expect as one of the participating restaurants. While I was there, she mentioned that she is going to have Pot Roast as one of her specials this week – probably Weds or Thurs! I’ve had her Pot Roast and it is WONDERFUL…….she doesn’t offer it often, so if you want to give it a try, call to check which night she decides to have it on the menu and go enjoy!!! You won’t regret it!!!

The girls are whining at me to go to bed, so I’ll end my thoughts here and say good night!

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