Recovery…Renewal…And Life Goes On

It has been two months and four days since the devastating tornado ripped through our town and a week and a day since I took my tumble at the movie theater in Cary.  Both seem like forever ago.  The two events, of course, can not be compared in any way, but both are evidence that things can happen in a split second that stop you in your tracks and both are evidence that life, indeed, does go on.  Recovery and renewal abound.

As I drove through town yesterday, it was a pleasure to see the Lowes Home Improvement store – the one that made national news after the tornado of April 16th turned it into a pile of twisted steel and debris – actually looks like it is almost a Lowes Home Improvement store again.  The company dug right in and cleared the lot and started rebuilding.  They anticipate the opening of the new Lowes in the fall.  Then, I read in the paper this weekend that the Tractor Supply Store across the street has decided to rebuild and will likely reopen by the end of the year, as well.  Although there is still a lot going on and a lot to do – clean up efforts, rebuilding, and donations to help those who lost so much that day, Sanford has picked itself up by the boots straps and is moving on.  I’m sure the reopening of Lowes will be a big event for our town.  Although it never diminished the horror of the many homes that were gone in a flash and the impressive way the city pulled together to start the recovery process as quickly as the devastation occurred, it was the defining picture of the storm, so it will surely be a defining picture of renewal when it reopens.

And there is new growth, as well.  The long anticipated opening of a Chick-fil-A in Sanford will be a reality this week.  For as long as I can remember, a free-standing Chick-fil-A has been on every “wish list” I’ve ever seen for Sanford.  I say “free-standing” because we DO have a Chick-fil-A in Sanford, but it is in the hospital cafeteria and not so easy to just run by and grab one of their famous chicken fillet sandwiches.  It will be quite an accomplishment to have one with a full menu and a drive thru and right there in the middle of the WalMart plaza parking lot!  Woo Hoo!

As for my tumble last Sunday……I gave in and went to Urgent Care on Monday and the doc confirmed I had a cracked rib.  So, I’ve had a very painful week.  For some reason, the anti inflammatory meds were helping a lot until Friday, when I had a major set back and could barely move or breathe!  But, I took it easy over the weekend and didn’t do anything to stress it – something I should have done the beginning of the week – and now it feels like it is recovering quite nicely.  Oh, it is still very tender and reminds me if I turn just right or cough or sneeze, but for the most part, it is obviously on the mend.  I considered going to the movies to see “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” this weekend, but pictured myself getting to the door of the theater and freezing in fear and turning to run screaming from the memory of the “accident”!  hahahaha    Seriously, I just decided to lay low this weekend and will likely go see this movie in a week or two.

And so, life goes on……….make the most of every moment for you never know when life will throw you a curve ball!

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