Weekend Movie Reviews

So, the weekend wasn’t a total disaster!  Yes, there was the unfortunate trip to Cary (see the next post for details – I really want to just forget it and not repeat it here).  But, overall, it was a nice weekend.  I started out Saturday morning with a great couple of hours pool side with some friends at a baby shower to celebrate a soon to be born little boy.  I did some shopping, made a delicious tuna noodle casserole to feed a craving I had for one, and saw two good movies.  I actually went to the theater to see the movies – first time in a very long time.  The cost of going to a theater has gotten so high and there haven’t been any come out that I felt I couldn’t wait for Netflix to get them, so I have pretty much stopped a once routine favorite pastime.  But, I decided to treat myself this weekend.  The first one I saw was “Bridemaids” on Saturday afternoon – I have been toying with the thought of seeing this one since they first started promoting it.  Then, today, I saw “Midnight in Paris” – I stumbled on this one this afternoon and it caught my interest.

Like I said, from the first trailer I saw of this film, I wanted to see it.  But, I was dragging my heels because I was reluctant to spend the money to see it at the theater only to find out I wish I had waited for Netflix.  I was driving by the entrance to the theater Saturday on my way back from the baby shower and suddenly thought I should swing through and see what they had to offer.  When I saw this one was still showing here and it was about to start, I decided to give in and see it.

“Bridesmaids” stars Kristen Wiig as Annie and Maya Rudolph as Lillian, who are life long best friends.  Annie’s love life is sort of like a train wreck and Lillian is newly engaged.  Lillian asks Annie to be her maid of honor and that’s where the fun begins.  One of the other bridesmaids, Helen, is Lillian’s fiance’s boss’s wife and a new friend of Lillian’s.  Starving to be the center of attention, Helen takes over everything and throws her plentiful cash around to ensure all the plans that Annie is trying to make go Helen’s way!  Most of the funniest scenes are in the trailers, but there are enough other surprises to make it still funny and worth seeing.  One disastrous event after another make this one of the funniest journeys from engagement to wedding day ever!  Through it all, the characters find love and the true meaning of friendship and how to make life work out for the best.  A strong cast and well put together story line result in my rating of A- for this movie.  I recommend it for a girl’s night out and a good belly laugh!

“Midnight in Paris” has been under the radar for me.  I haven’t seen any trailers or heard anything about it.  When I decided to go to Cary, today, I scanned the movies that were playing and stumbled onto this one.  I really like Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams and was impressed by the story.  So, I added it to my plans for the day.

This is the story of Gil (Wilson) who is engaged to Inez (McAdams).  They are in Paris with Inez’s parents, who are there with the Dad’s business.  Gil is a screen writer who is attempting to write his first novel.  He is a hopeless romantic and dreams of 1920’s Paris, wishing he could live in Paris to fuel his artistic creativity.  Gil and Inez have very little in common and she constantly says things to criticize him and come off as apologizing for him.  Some friends of Inez just happen to also be in Paris and they start to spend a lot of time with them.  Since Gil doesn’t particularly like the friends, in particular the guy, he starts taking long walks through the Paris streets at night to gain inspiration for his book.  He gets lost and sits on a stoop to gather his thoughts.  When an old fashioned car comes along with a bunch of people dressed in flapper outfits calling to him to come join them, he is intrigued enough to go along for a ride.  And what a ride it is.  He finds himself at a party with music, literary, and art icons like Cole Porter, F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, Ernest Hemingway, Josephine Baker, Gertrude Stein, and Pablo Picasso.  He leaves the party to go get his manuscript so that he can get some of their opinions of it and finds himself back in current time and the place where the party was is actually a closed laundry mat.  He goes back to the stoop each night at midnight and the same car comes along to pick him up and take him back to 1920s Paris to hob nob with the friends he met the first night as well as others, such as Matisse, TS Eliot, Gauguin, and more.  His adventures change his life and his relationship with Inez.

It is a fascinating story full of fun and adventure.  Gil’s dreams come to life and he finds his inner creativity.  I rate this one a solid A+ and highly recommend it.  I should probably knock off a little from the rating because the movie just sort of ends abruptly and leaves you wanting much more and has too many loose ends, but I won’t because the rest of the movie makes up for it, by far.

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