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Candidate’s Forum vs. Dancing With The Stars

Oh the dilemma!!! The Sanford Herald and BPW hosted a Candidate’s Forum at the Civic Center tonight and I attended representing BPW. A semi decent crowd showed up and it went well — very interesting!!! I don’t discuss my opinions on politics in public… Continue Reading “Candidate’s Forum vs. Dancing With The Stars”

Art In Sanford

I spent some time on Saturday at the ARTober Fest and the Brush and Palette Show. I went early because I had several things I had to get done and didn’t want to get busy and miss out on the chance to go! I… Continue Reading “Art In Sanford”

Fresh Choice Open For Dinner Now!!

We now have another choice for dinner in Sanford – Fresh Choice has decided to stay open for dinner on Mon-Thurs until 8:00! Nice!!! Pass the word……

Saturday – The Way It Should Be…..

After all the Gala planning, home renovations, and other stuff going on either done or not the major time consuming activity it was, I promised myself a weekend that focused on relaxation… I kept that promise and had a wonderful day!After my chilly awakening… Continue Reading “Saturday – The Way It Should Be…..”

The new Super WalMart

OK – I gotta get in on the comments about the new Super WalMart — Sanford now has a HUGE (largest in NC, I am told) Super WalMart – it opened this past Wednesday! I have to say – if it stays even HALF… Continue Reading “The new Super WalMart”

September 24th…..

SEPTEMBER 24th IS HERE!!!! Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for!!!! As the Pointer Sisters put it so well: “I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it…”Two things are going to happen… Continue Reading “September 24th…..”

Catching up….

I know, I’ve been bad and haven’t posted here since the 7th of Sept!!! I’ve been busy!!! BUT – it’s all winding or wound down and I can get back into the habit of jotting down my thoughts about what is going on in… Continue Reading “Catching up….”

Hank and My Honky Tonk Heroes – Temple Theater

I went to the Temple Theater last night to see Hank and My Honky Tonk Heroes – if you have not gone to see this show yet or if you don’t plan to see it — you really need to consider going!!!! It was… Continue Reading “Hank and My Honky Tonk Heroes – Temple Theater”

Dinner at the Dairy Bar

I left work early today — I was so sick to my stomach and queasy feeling, I came home and went to bed! I got up about dinner time, but still didn’t feel like eating. I fed the girls their supper and refreshed their… Continue Reading “Dinner at the Dairy Bar”