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Myra’s Kitchen and The Temple Theater

I had such a good time tonight!!! It was a really nice day — sunny, warm, quiet! I did a lot of playing with the girls and doing as little as I could possibly get away with. I started out the day with a… Continue Reading “Myra’s Kitchen and The Temple Theater”

Andy’s and Fairies

I met some friends at Andy’s to take advantage of winning the business card drawing! We had a lot of fun — Andy’s has an enjoyable atmosphere, good music, and good food — and they always make you feel like they are so very… Continue Reading “Andy’s and Fairies”

Hey, I won something…….

When my Mom was here, we went to Andy’s to check it out. I hadn’t had a chance to see what it was like, so thought we would share the first visit together! We had a fun experience and really enjoyed the burgers and… Continue Reading “Hey, I won something…….”

Snow In Sanford

We had our first snow of the season here in Sanford yesterday – well, second, if you count the faint, 2 second showing of snow that you had to squint to see a couple weeks ago – I am not counting that day –… Continue Reading “Snow In Sanford”

UPS Store To The Rescue….

The out of state Christmas gifts are on their way……..I got them all wrapped this morning and went to the garage to find boxes so that I could pack them and get them to the PO. I hit a brick wall (theoretically, not literally… Continue Reading “UPS Store To The Rescue….”

Week In Review

Some of the high points of the week: Christmas Show at the Temple: I took my staff to see the Thursday matinee of A Carolina Country Christmas at the Temple Theater this week. It was soooooooooo good! The story touched everyone! We all really… Continue Reading “Week In Review”

Sanford’s Christmas Parade

I was very disappointed Friday – I was sick and missed the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Depot Park!!!! I enjoy attending that event and am so sorry I had to miss it!!! But — there are two other great ways to kick off… Continue Reading “Sanford’s Christmas Parade”

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas….

Yes, indeed! It is beginning to look like Christmas everywhere! The stores, of course, have been displaying their holiday decorations and advertisements for some time now to get us all to start our gift shopping early. But, more than that, downtown Sanford has their… Continue Reading “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas….”

Annie at the Temple

WOW — I can’t say it any other way — WOW!!! The signing, dancing, and acting was wonderful —- the actors portraying ALL the characters were PERFECT and all the kids were so ADORABLE and so good!!! It was totally enjoyable……. My friend, Alison,… Continue Reading “Annie at the Temple”

Sanford – A Camera’s View

About a week or so ago, I stumbled on an interesting blog by a photographer who posts daily photos he takes of things that he finds interesting subjects for photos in various towns. I got to thinking about all the interesting things that we… Continue Reading “Sanford – A Camera’s View”