Candidate’s Forum vs. Dancing With The Stars

Oh the dilemma!!! The Sanford Herald and BPW hosted a Candidate’s Forum at the Civic Center tonight and I attended representing BPW. A semi decent crowd showed up and it went well — very interesting!!! I don’t discuss my opinions on politics in public (I know – you’re shocked – I’m usually not at all shy about voicing my opinion — but not about politics or religion – at least not in public), so I won’t comment on my thoughts about what the candidates talked about — just to say that I thought it was interesting and went well……I’ll leave the details to the Herald – that’s their job – not mine (thank goodness!).

BUT — I got almost to the Civic Center and realized that I forgot to set the recorder for Dancing With The Stars!!!! OH NO!!!!! I debated going back home to set the recorder or slipping out early so I wouldn’t miss my favorite show!!!! But, I didn’t…… I stayed until the end – but then I bolted!!!! ha-ha!!! I got home in time to watch the last 20 minutes and saw the 2 second recaps! I’ll see more tomorrow night on the results show when they do the flash backs.

I’ve resisted bombarding the blog with my enthusiasm over Dancing With The Stars — but here’s an update: Marie and Jane are doing great, I think one of the women will win this year – probably Sabrina or Jennie, all are doing great – hard to pick a favorite as none have really stood out as incredibly bad or significantly better than the others, poor Wayne Newton got voted off last week, I think the millionaire is soon to go – if not this week, probably next week!

And speaking of Wayne Newton – he did pretty darn good and looked good, too! BUT — he’s obviously had some work done! His skin looked like it was pulled so tight that I thought I saw his toe nails just under his chin………..ha-ha!!!

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