Dinner at the Dairy Bar

I left work early today — I was so sick to my stomach and queasy feeling, I came home and went to bed! I got up about dinner time, but still didn’t feel like eating. I fed the girls their supper and refreshed their pool and did some work on the computer. Then, about 7:30 or so I started getting hungry! So, I decided to pop over to the Dairy Bar for something to eat. I changed my clothes, freshened up, and headed out.

I got to the end of Hawkins Ave where Depot Park is and it hit me that it was THURSDAY!! I hadn’t thought about it! I almost always go to Renalds for dinner on Thursday nights — the only Thursday’s I miss are ones that I have something else going on that prevents me from being able to go. I go for lunch there often, but Thursday’s are the only nights they are open for dinner! The food is great (Chef Hamm continually out-does himself – he’s incredible), two of my best friends are waitresses there on Thurs nights, and Joni (the owner) has made her restaurant so lovely and comfortable that you feel right at home! So – when I realized it was Thursday, I thought about going there – but it was 8:00 and they close at 9:00 and since I still didn’t feel quite right, I thought just slipping in to the Dairy Bar for a quick bite might be better!

So, the Dairy Bar it was!!! I really enjoy the Dairy Bar, too — the menu is full of home cooked comfort food – my favorite cuisine!! ha-ha! I enjoy going there for breakfast on the weekends and popping in for lunch when I’m out shopping. I also go for dinner once in a while, too! I never go there without running into someone I know – tonight was no different, even though it was late. They had chicken and dumplings on the Thursday special menu and I thought that sounded soothing and just right to top of a yucky day – so, I ordered the chicken and dumplings, creamed potatoes, and cole slaw! I was right — it was perfect!!! It tasted so good and did a good job of settling my still unstable stomach! And I was in and out and back home in just slightly over 1/2 hour!

Although I am really bummed that I didn’t realize it was Thursday and missed out on my Thursday Renalds “fix”, I made a good choice for the situation!

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