Hank and My Honky Tonk Heroes – Temple Theater

I went to the Temple Theater last night to see Hank and My Honky Tonk Heroes – if you have not gone to see this show yet or if you don’t plan to see it — you really need to consider going!!!! It was truly amazing!!! I was mesmerized for every second of the show and in tears during most of it!!!

Jason Petty and his band (a fiddle, a base, a guitar, and a steel guitar) do an excellent job of bringing Hank Williams to life and tell his story! The show is a combination of telling Hank’s story through stories Jason gathered interviewing friends and family that knew Hank and singing the songs that Hank wrote and recorded, as well as some songs of those who influenced Hank and who Hank had influenced. The stories paint a picture of a man who was passionate about his music and tortured by life. It takes the audience from his early childhood through to his untimely death at age 29. It is funny, emotional, heart warming, interesting, and, above all, thoroughly entertaining!

I love the vintage country music and Hank Williams, in particular. Granted, Hank Williams died three years before I was born, but I still grew up on his music. My Mom was a fan, so I listened to his records and knew all the words to all his songs! So, the songs in this show really touched me!

Jason Petty is an outstanding entertainer – he looks somewhat like Hank, but I also thought he looked somewhat like Ernest Tubb – he could easily do a believable job portraying Ernest Tubb, too! In fact, he sings one of Ernest’s songs in the show! He does a great job on the songs from other country music stars, too – even a really enjoyable rendition of Elvis doing “That’s Alright Mama”!!!! He’s an excellent story teller and gives the stories just the right touch of humor!

The musicians in the band were excellent, too. I personally love to hear a good fiddle player and I was treated to a good one last night! And you can’t do vintage country music without a steel guitar and the guy who played that one last night really knew how to make it whine — it brought up the goose bumps!!!!

Definitely a MUST SEE!!! Even if you aren’t a big country music fan, I think you will enjoy the show. Go see it — I promise you will be entertained and won’t be sorry you spent your money and time on this one! It’s a guaranteed good time for all (short of those who just plain hate country music of any kind….)!

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