Megan’s First Shopping Trip to PetSmart!

Megan went shopping with Mommie to PetSmart today!!! Katie has been to PetSmart several times and Puddles used to go with me a lot before she passed away. But neither Megan nor Amy have been yet – until now! I decided to start with Megan to see how she reacts to it. She had a BLAST!!!

She’s really good in the car, so the ride to Southern Pines went well — she just sat there and enjoyed the ride. She was a little suspicious about going in the store and didn’t get excited at all – in fact, she was really quite reserved (definitely out of character for her…)! But it didn’t take long for her to start sniffing around and become curious – soon, she was really getting into the whole shopping experience. We went up and down every aisle and she looked all the inventory over. We got the food we went for and picked out a few new toys that met her approval and a supply of chews. She watched a cage full of birds with great interest, but did it very calmly! She was really very good and seemed to enjoy herself!!!

We got in the car and she rode back to Sanford quietly. When we got home, she rushed into the house to tell Katie and Amy all about her adventure — they jumped around and discussed it all — then, we showed them the new toys and chews that Megan picked out for them! They all went outside and romped and played!!!

It was quite an adventurous day for Megan — she is taking a much needed nap to rest up from all the excitement! She had fun and behaved – so there will be more shopping trips to PetSmart in her future!!!

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