Art In Sanford

I spent some time on Saturday at the ARTober Fest and the Brush and Palette Show. I went early because I had several things I had to get done and didn’t want to get busy and miss out on the chance to go! I don’t know if the visitors increased through the day (according to the Herald article this morning, it sounds like it did get busier), but while I was there, the crowd was pretty sparse. This was disappointing to me – the thought I had was that people were really missing a great way to spend a Saturday morning and the opportunity to see the talents of some of their neighbors. But – the threat of rain and the tons of other things going on around the area probably made it hard for folks to “do it all”. The plus side was that it wasn’t difficult finding a close place to park…….

I went to Depot Park first for ARTober Fest – wandered around looking at the exhibits, sat on a bench and enjoyed the cool breeze and the entertainment, and ran into some friends.

Then, I went to the old Armory for the Brush and Palette Show – last year, I picked up a lovely floral painting of pink roses in a silver coffee pot by Geneva Metcalf and it hangs prominently in my kitchen. Yesterday, I went with the I hope of finding something that reached out and grabbed me like that one did. I wasn’t disappointed — in fact, I found TWO pieces that I decided to purchase. One is a wonderful black and white pencil sketch of a lovely lighthouse by John McAuley that is going to hang in my guest bathroom! I love lighthouses and it is the theme decor in my guest bathroom. It will be a lovely addition to the other prints and whatnots that focus on lighthouses – especially after I finish the painting phase of my renovation plans and that room becomes a soothing light blue. The other piece is a floral painting called “Wildflowers” by Nancy Findley. This is planned for the master bathroom – the peach/pink shades will go perfectly in that room! I can’t wait until next Sunday when I can go pick up my new art and get them hung so I can begin enjoying them. Maybe I’ll drop in today and “visit” them…….ha-ha!

At lunch time, I wasn’t really hungry, but I couldn’t resist stopping in at Renalds to show support for them opening on a Saturday (not usual for them). I had a salad and some of the absolutely delicious apple crisp that Joni made special for the day!

Then, I went about the business of the day……

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