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Weekend Words

What a great weekend this was……perfect weather (until it got a little cooler today, but still nice), and lots of thoughts clanging around in my brain!  So, it is time for  a brain dump and to just ramble on about the things I did… Continue Reading “Weekend Words”

Movie Review – The King’s Speech

I haven’t been to the theater to see a movie in quite a while — since before the holidays, I believe!!! No particular reason. It isn’t because of lack of interest – quite to the contrary, I am still in love with movies. It… Continue Reading “Movie Review – The King’s Speech”

Baby, it is cold outside!!!

Twenty-six years ago, I traveled to Sanford to visit my soon-to-be in laws over the Christmas holiday.  It was fun going back to snowy Albion to tell everyone that I ran around on Christmas day in short sleeves and no coat!  The weather was amazing!  We… Continue Reading “Baby, it is cold outside!!!”

What a lovely weekend…

This has been one of the most pleasant weekends I’ve had in a long time.  Nothing special going on, really, and I’ve had weekends where I’ve done more fun stuff, but this one just seemed to stand out!  One reason was the weather!  Is… Continue Reading “What a lovely weekend…”

Temple Theatre Review – Flaming Idiots

The current Temple Theatre show is Flaming Idiots – a rowdy comedy full of fun and energy!  I decided to invite a friend whose birthday was a couple of days before mine and make it a joint birthday celebration.  That turned out to be… Continue Reading “Temple Theatre Review – Flaming Idiots”

Get your tickets ready, Sanford!

  Watch out, Sanford, you’re not gonna know what hit you…….the event of the year is scheduled for this Friday – August 13th!  Superstitious about Friday the 13th?  You better be, cause this night is going to be the “perfect storm” and it is… Continue Reading “Get your tickets ready, Sanford!”

Restaurant Review – Sabatino’s

Sanford has a new restaurant downtown – Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant.  It has only been open about a week, but I have already heard many great reviews regarding the food and the prices, so I decided to give it a try.  I ate a late breakfast… Continue Reading “Restaurant Review – Sabatino’s”

A Saturday Well Spent

Saturdays are often a struggle of whether or not to take care of business or sit back and enjoy the end to a long work week.  You know – some business can only be taken care of on Saturday morning and there is all… Continue Reading “A Saturday Well Spent”

25 Years

The anniversary of a major milestone in my life is about to happen.  It includes not one, but two major life altering events that, together, changed my life forever.  The week of June 21st marks the 25 year anniversary of these two events and the… Continue Reading “25 Years”

Saturday Morning in Sanford

I had the best Saturday morning in Sanford today!  The weather couldn’t be more perfect – hot, but not too hot (but, just wait until the afternoon, I’m sure), with a nice breeze and a gorgeous bright blue sky!  I had stuff on my… Continue Reading “Saturday Morning in Sanford”