A Saturday Well Spent

Saturdays are often a struggle of whether or not to take care of business or sit back and enjoy the end to a long work week.  You know – some business can only be taken care of on Saturday morning and there is all that housework and laundry that you really weren’t up to taking care of after getting home from work!  But, then again, it is Saturday – a day off work – meaning NOT a work day!  But there is all that personal work that needs to be done and who else is gonna do it if you don’t!  So, what often happens?  Saturday is a full and busy day trying to do it all – housework, shopping, and relaxing!

Here’s how my Saturday played out this week:

As usual, the girls woke me up about 6:00 am to go outside and take care of their business.  But, I was able to get them to come back in quickly and go back to bed.  This is getting to be a nice ritual that I’m glad they have taken to — better than in the past when I would try to go back to sleep and they would prefer to play and make sleeping in impossible! 

I finally got up for the day about 8:30 – earlier than I had hoped because I had a pretty exhausting week, but it was nice none-the-less!  I fed the girls and we curled up on the couch to watch a couple of the programs I had on DVR.  Megan played ball with me and Katie and Amy snuggled.  I was well on my way to deciding the relaxing option was going to win out.  I thought about all the things I should be doing and then looked at the girls and just settled in for a quiet morning!

Then…….suddenly, at 11:00, I remembered that I needed to go to Sanford Animal Hospital to get some Advantix and Interceptor because I forgot to get them at All Animals the other day when I was there and I give those treatments out on the 1st of each month……..so, I headed out.  And that was the turning point where the day became more about getting things done!

I made a long weekend trip to see my Mom last weekend and when I got in my car at RDU I found that I must have parked near an ant hill or maybe someone spilled a sweet drink beside my car or something — whatever caused it doesn’t matter — what matters is that I discovered the inside of the rider’s side door was a swarm of ANTS!!!!  They were localized just on that door and a little on the rider’s side of the dashboard.  So, I got in and drove to Lowes to get some ant spray.  Bottom line, the pony needed a good cleaning to get rid of the mess all that left.  So, from the vet I went on to the car wash on the corner of Horner and Wicker — all nice and clean, now!

I came back home to think about what else I needed to do — I decided to go to Cary to BJs and Party City to get supplies for Communities In Schools of Lee County’s Second Annual Dancing with the Lee County Stars event that is being held at the Civic Center on August 13th (how about if I take a moment here to  add in  an extremely shameless plug for the event — go to www.dancingwiththeleecountystars.com to purchase tickets, vote for the dancing couple of your choice, or get info on how to be a sponsor)!

I headed that way about 2:00 or so and I have to say that I really hate going in to Cary!  Sure, they have a great selection of stores and restaurants and entertainment.  But, the traffic and difficulty getting in and out of places just kills it for me!  Crossroads Plaza is where I had to go for Party City and I also did a few other things while I was there — you get in that place and end up driving all around the world trying to figure out how to get out going in the direction you want to go!   And I was parked in lines at stop signs and stop lights longer than it took me to take care of the business I needed to do!

I enjoy shopping in Sanford and usually find whatever I may need right here!  I support shopping locally and have limited reasons for going out-of-town to shop.  If Sanford could just get a BJs and a PetSmart, I could avoid Cary a lot more often! 

The up side was that between BJs and Party City, I got all the supplies I needed and a few things for myself, as well.  I also ran into a dear old friend I rarely get to see and we talked in the aisle at BJs for what seemed like an hour or more!  I also took in a movie – scroll down to read my review in a post I wrote last night.  I also planned to pop in at Macy’s and PetSmart while I was up there, but it got late and I got tired, so I decided not to!

The icing on the cake was dinner at Red Robin — YUMMM!  Of course, the meal was good, but I really enjoyed the Speckled Lemonade – a quirky looking glass of nicely tart lemonade with fresh strawberries cut up in it!  OMG, it was so good I had to take a photo of it:

No – there was no alcohol in it and my camera wasn’t drunk when I snapped the photo – that is really what the glass looked like!  Funky and fun!

I got home about 8:30 or so and snuggled in with the girls to watch TV and play!  A perfect end to a day mixed with relaxation and productive activities. 

So, now on to Sunday — definitely a day of relaxation and enjoyment!

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