Meal Time

Meal time is quite the ordeal at my house.  It is full of excitement, energy, interesting moments, and unwavering rituals.  Of course, I don’t mean MY meal time — I mean the girl’s meal time!  Three very different personalities in every other aspect of their lives result in three very different eating habits and rituals.  It also results in my active involvement in ensuring everything goes smoothly and everyone gets their fair share – and ONLY their fair share!


Katie is always the last to finish.  When her bowl is placed on the floor, she meanders over to it, sniffs all over the food and around the dish,  and then……slowly……methodically……eats one or two pieces at a time and chews thoroughly!  She’s like those people who eat popcorn one kernel at a time!


Amy used to be the first finished every time!  About a month or so ago, that changed.  I’m not sure why, but she is now a much slower and more deliberate eater.  I place her’s and Megan’s bowls down at the same time, but she waits until all three bowls are down, Megan and Katie are started, and I am sitting at the table ready to watch them.  She sees me sit down and looks around at the others and then walks over to her dish.  She starts to eat and looks at Megan’s dish to see how far she is along with her meal and then eats.  She is typically the last to finish, now!


Megan inhales her food and would eat everyone else’s, if I gave her a chance!  As I am setting her bowl down, she already has her nose in it and begins eating like it is the first meal she’s had in a month of Sundays and may just be the last one she has for who knows how long!  She gobbles so fast she can barely breathe.  Then she licks the bowl as if there is something more there she can’t see or maybe she’s trying to lick the design off the bottom of the bowl!  Then, she stands there staring at the other two just waiting for a split second opportunity to dive into their’s!  I have to watch her closely and get her to stand next to me as I sit waiting for meal time to end.  I pet her and try to distract her, but with no luck.  She is intent on staring at them, which makes Katie growl while she’s eating and intimidates Amy enough that she sometimes backs away from her food – at which time, I have to hold Megan so Amy can finish!  Once the other two are done and walk away, she has to check both of their bowls to ensure nothing is left – she licks each bowl like there just has to be something there!!!

Routine Meal Time Conversations

Megan:  {staring down her sisters in an attempt to steal their food}

Me:  Don’t you stare at them!

Megan:  {looks away, but keeps peeking out of the corner of her eye}

Me:  Amy, don’t let her intimidate you – stand your ground, girl! 

Me:  Katie, stop growling and chew – you’re going to get indigestion! 

Me:  Megan, you had you’s!  Don’t be a pig!  Let them eat in peace! 

Me:  Slow down, Megan – you’re gonna choke!

Yep – it is an interesting time and it happens twice a day every day! 

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