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Life is back to normal

WHEW!  My life is back to normal – sorta – whatever “normal” means!  So, what do I do with my time, now?  Do I sit on my laurels and twiddle my thumbs while I enjoy some peace, quiet, and relaxation?  Um – NO!  I’m… Continue Reading “Life is back to normal”

Huge Hit!

It is all over – the night Lee County has been looking forward to has passed – Dancing with the Lee County Stars was a huge success!  As I stood watching the volunteers finish with the clean up efforts in the near empty hall at the Dennis A.… Continue Reading “Huge Hit!”

Saturday Morning

The weekend is here!  Lots to talk about – CIS Dancing with the Lee County Stars event; CARA events; some updates on my ongoing home renovations; and more!  Who said that summer days are “lazy”?  I am definitely in high gear and busy, busy,… Continue Reading “Saturday Morning”


Life has been crazy lately — busy, busy, busy!!!   I owe blog posts about the Family 4th Celebration in Sanford this weekend – it was a GRAND time!  Also – I have seen two movies recently – My Sister’s Keeper last weekend and The… Continue Reading “I.O.U.”

What a lovely day!

It was such a nice day today and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!  Let me tell you all about what made it so special. First:  The rain that was predicted for today didn’t happen!  It got a little cloudy a couple of… Continue Reading “What a lovely day!”

What’s on my mind?

So, what’s on my mind this morning?  LOTS!!!  I, like some of my fellow bloggers, have been pretty bad about blogging on a regular basis!  Mostly because I have been on two vacations in the last couple of months and been really busy with… Continue Reading “What’s on my mind?”

Weekend Highlights

I had a really full weekend – lots to do – gorgeous weather – a lot of driving around with the top down on the pony… are some quick highlights:   The weekend started on Friday evening at the Temple Theatre to see Little… Continue Reading “Weekend Highlights”

Super Cool Camera Mistakes….

I participated in the Temple Theatre Art Crawl event in Sanford today.  I had a really nice time and it was the perfect day for it.  BUT — the coolest part was the strange pictures I got when I tried to capture the Temple… Continue Reading “Super Cool Camera Mistakes….”

It happened in Carthage…

Every now and then you hear on the news or read in the paper about senseless shootings in sleepy little towns across the country – far away from your own safe community.  You wonder what is wrong with the world and what possesses someone… Continue Reading “It happened in Carthage…”

Saturday Evening Thoughts

Just some thoughts, words, and information to share on a quiet Saturday evening – the last Saturday of the first quarter of 2009…. I discovered Lipton White Tea with Blueberry and Pomegranate today — YUM!!!  I usually don’t steep my tea bags very long… Continue Reading “Saturday Evening Thoughts”