What’s on my mind?

So, what’s on my mind this morning?  LOTS!!!  I, like some of my fellow bloggers, have been pretty bad about blogging on a regular basis!  Mostly because I have been on two vacations in the last couple of months and been really busy with stuff!  But — enough of the excuses!!  I’m back and plan to  write more often again!

OK, for starters — I thought it was looking like it was going to be a lovely Saturday, weather-wise, and now it is raining and not looking so good!  I was really hoping for a great weekend that I could get out and go cruising with the top down – guess not!

I am almost to a major milestone for my blog — I will soon hit 5000 visitors – as of right now, I am at 4,951!!!  Of course, this is only since I’ve been on WordPress – I moved to WordPress in September 2008, so I’ve gotten almost 5,000 visitors in about 8 months!!!  WOW!!!  When I left Blogger, I had about 4,700 unique visitors logged in and I was using that blog service for a year!  So — thanks, WordPress viewers!!!  I’m happy that you are enjoying my little site!!! 

Communities In Schools is hard at work planning and organizing our very first “Dancing With The Lee County Stars” fund-raising event!  It is scheduled for August 21st at the Civic Center!  Watch for more info and plan to join us!  If you know of anyone who is really good at ballroom dancing and may enjoy donating their time to help us by being paired with a “star” or other help we may need, please call the CIS office at 718-5426 or you can leave a comment here!

I can’t wait for “Dames at Sea” to start at the Temple Theatre – it is their last show of the season and it promises to be the Grand Finale!!!  The show starts with their “pay what you can” night on May 27th and runs through June 14th.

I’m finally going to get the white walls in my house painted!!!  It has been on my project list every year since I bought the house in January, 2004!!  Every year something else comes up that I decide is a higher priority.  This year, I actually made it a New Year’s Resolution, too!!  I was determined!!!  But, what ended up making it happen was my best friend has been laid off – his job at Transmatic went away when they closed down – and he has the time and I’d rather pay him than some stranger!  I gave him my wish list and he is going to see what he can get to for me – the priorities are painting my walls and adding some ways to organize my garage better!  So — I’m looking through swatches to decide on colors and thinking about what I need to get done to prepare the house for the job!!!  Oh, boy!  What fun this is going to be!!!

I was looking to see if there was a movie I might be interested in seeing at the theaters this weekend…….probably not!  I was excited about seeing “The Soloist” when the previews came out, but I have decided that I don’t want to support the career of someone who thinks it is funny to tell a 16 year old girl to “go make a porno movie and grow up”, to suggest she take heroin and become a lesbian, and hopes she catches chlamydia on a bicycle seat – and I believe there were other sexual comments, as well!!!  Yeah, I know Jamie Foxx apologized to Miley Cyrus, but the comments were totally uncalled for and absolutely inappropriate for a man of his age (any age, for that matter) to make to a young girl – I don’t care if she is a celebrity or what she said that made him think it was funny to sound off on her like that!!!  So – “The Soloist” is off my list of potentials!  I also thought about seeing “Obsession”, but haven’t heard anything good about it — has anyone seen it?  I may give this one a try!  I considered “Star Trek”– yep, I’m somewhat of a trekkie – but I hear it isn’t as good as the hype about it and that the filming will make you dizzy!!!  I think I’ll wait a while to hear from some others before I spend my money – maybe I’ll just wait for it to be available on NetFlix!  So – not sure if there will be a movie review posted this weekend or not…..

I guess that’s all I can think of at the moment…….but, I’ll be back!!!

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