Katie’s Adventures

100_0158Katie went on vacation with me on my trip to Mom’s in April.  She was such a great traveling buddy and had some exciting adventures.  Read on to find out all about her trip full of wonderful “firsts”! 

First – let me say that Megan and Amy were not “left out” of having adventures – they had a vacation of their own, as well.  They spent their time at Rae-Zor meeting a lot of new friends and playing hard every day!  Megan got her teeth cleaned, too!  So, they had a lot of fun and came home exhausted!

Now – back to Katie!  This wasn’t Katie’s first vacation or her first trip to Mom’s.  We have traveled together before and she is always a good traveling buddy!  Her “new” adventures started when she got to Mom’s — my brother’s dog, Kahlua, was staying with her while they went to South Carolina for a few days.  So – Katie got to meet and play with her cousin:


She took to Mom’s furniture right away — she seemed to particularly love the cushy soft sofa:


But her best adventure of all was getting to see horses up close and personal for the very first time, ever!!!  She was out in the yard doing her duty one morning and one of the horses in the pasture that borders Mom’s yard snorted — it scared the crap out of her!!!  ha-ha  She jumped and hid behind me and kept sniffing and peaking out from behind me — so we went inside.  After that, every time she went out, she looked for those horses!  Then, one day, FINALLY – they were up close to the fence when we went out!  Luckily, I had my camera in my back pocket!  Katie went over to the fence and laid down to watch them eat – she didn’t bark or lunge at them – she just watched and sniffed and looked like she was absolutely fascinated by them!   I only wish the little donkey they have would have come up to the fence for a phote – but he stayed in the back of the pasture with a palomino he was friends with. 




Her trip was relaxing for her, too….


Then — on the drive back, we stayed at the Red Roof Inn in Fairmont, W Va to break up the long drive.  The room had two double beds.  When Katie got in the room, she took a few minutes to sniff every inch of the carpet and got up on both beds, rolled around, and sniffed them all over — then, she settled in on the one of her choice!  When I got ready for bed and crawled in the one she was on, she looked at me with a dirty look, got down, and made herself comfortable on the OTHER bed — she wanted one to herself, I guess!!!  She slept there all sprawled out on her own bed all night!!!


It was a great trip for us both — but Katie seemed to feel like she was on her own special adventure — she was the center of attention the whole trip — exactly what she likes to be!!!!

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