Movie Review – Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

ghostsofgirlfriendspast_smallposterFINALLY!!!  A new romantic comedy — and a good one, at that!!!  There hasn’t been a movie in theaters that has given me something to look forward to in a while (have you noticed the lack of reviews lately?), so I was very excited about Matthew McConaughey’s new film, “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”. 

I had several things I wanted and/or needed to do this weekend – my first weekend back in town after an extended vacation!  One of which was seeing this movie, so I made time for it Saturday – right after I made a trip to the Post Office to ship a package to a friend and made a late stop at the Farmer’s Market at Depot Park!!  I’m glad I did!

“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” is the story of Conner Mead (McConaughey), a notorious womanizer with no conscious or care for the feelings of his fellow human beings – female or male!  Case in point:  He is pressed for time, so he shamelessly breaks up with three women at the same time over a conference call!!!! 

Conner is a famous photographer who finds himself back in his childhood home – his Uncle Wayne’s (Michael Douglas) mansion – for his brother, Paul’s (Breckin Meyer) wedding.   As someone who doesn’t believe in love and especially the institution of marriage, Conner makes his presence and opinions well known to everyone attending the rehearsal dinner!  The guests include one of the bridesmaids – a woman who was an important presence as a dear childhood friend and, later, a girlfriend who’s heart he broke – Jenny, played by Jennifer Garner. 

Conner is visited by the ghost of his Uncle Wayne, who he learned his womanizing ways from, and three ghosts who take him through a Scrooge-type journey to show him what his actions have done to others and how his life will turn out if he continues on the path he is making for himself.

This is funny and touching…….it does start out rather boring, but gets better fairly quickly.  The relationship and exchanges between Conner and Jenny are priceless.  Will it end up on my list of favorites – probably not – but it was a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon!  I give it a B and recommend it for those who like romantic comedies!

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