What’s been catching my attention?

There have been some things in the news and on TV that have caught my attention lately….here are my 2 cents on some of them!

First — my very favorite commercial right now is the Cottonelle one about the puppy going for some “me” time at the spa!  How cute is that?  I love ALL the Cottonelle puppy commercials, but this one has GOT to be the best one EVER!!!  They’ll have a hard time topping that one!!!

Have you seen the report about the Mom who is sueing her daughter’s school to get them to retract all the year books and reprint them because of the shot of her daughter sitting in the front row of a club photo that shows her private parts?  I have a problem with this on several levels — mainly, though, because the mother seems to be more outraged at the school for not doing a better job of proofing the photos before the yearbook went to press than in the fact that her teen aged daughter went to school with a mini dress and no underwear, not to mention that she doesn’t seem to know how to sit like a lady!!!   So, she thinks the school should go to the trouble and expense to pull back, reprint, and redistribute the yearbooks to cover up her daughter’s lack of any sense of decency???

And – what about the 50 year old mother who paid over $15,000 to have plastic surgery so she could look like her 29 year old daughter’s twin???  They even went shopping to buy a wardrobe of matching outfits! 

Back to commercials — I adore the Progressive Insurance girl — she is a RIOT!!!

The current season of Dancing With The Stars ends this week.  It is down to Shawn Johnson, Gilles Marini, and Melissa Rycroft.  They are all so good — I personally hope Shawn wins it all, but it is a really tight race! 

Some movies I’m looking forward to coming to theaters:

  • My Life In Ruins — stars Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and Richard Dreyfus.  Opens June 15th  – about the funny side of being a Greece Tour Guide
  • The Proposal – Sandra Bullock – Opens June 19th
  • My Sister’s Keeper – Cameron Diaz, Alec Baldwin, and Abigail Breslin – Opens June 26th – about parents who conceive a child for the purpose of saving the life of their other ill child
  • All About Steve – Sandra Bullock – Opens September 4th

The two Sandra Bullock ones have been out in previews for several months – I’m not sure if the release has been either delayed or if they are really trying to build anticipation!!!

What has been interesting to you lately????

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