Super Cool Camera Mistakes….

I participated in the Temple Theatre Art Crawl event in Sanford today.  I had a really nice time and it was the perfect day for it.  BUT — the coolest part was the strange pictures I got when I tried to capture the Temple Teens performing (performances, by the way, that brought tears to my eyes – so amazing!).  I noticed that my flash made the picture come out too dark, so I tried to shut it off and zoom in to see what I got —- well, I did turn off the flash, but I must have changed another setting in the process, too, cause I could tell the pics were then coming out blurry!  I took several hoping for at least one that came out.  This is what I found when I downloaded them — all the action looks like it was captured in slow motion and all the teens look like ghosts with no legs dancing around with a shower of twinkle lights falling  all around them:




And the ghosts take a bow……


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