Easter Weekend Updates

What a great weekend this was!!!  The weather was perfect and I had such a good time – can you spell S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G, boys and girls?

I started out the weekend by heading down to Fayetteville – I wanted to go to the Dress Barn down there.  I got a few things there and at Macy’s.  Speaking of which – the Macy’s at Cross Creek is soooooooooo much better than the Macy’s at Cary Towne Center!!!  It has a much bigger selection in the departments I tend to shop in AND I do believe it is physically bigger!!! 

I planned to have lunch at Red Lobster while I was down there – I haven’t had any really good lobster or crab in a while!  So, I popped in there to eat between my trips to Dress Barn and Macy’s.  They were fairly busy, but not packed.  I had some “issues” with the hostess and finding a suitable table (that I won’t go into here), so after waiting about 15 minutes or so, I got up and left!!!!  I went down the street to Joe’s Crab Shack and had a BLAST!!!  It was a MUCH better choice — great, relaxed atmosphere, classic rock music blaring, and staff that acted like I was just the person they were waiting to arrive at that very moment!!!  Any restaurant that gives you a bib, a bucket, a roll of paper towels, and a wet cloth large enough to take a bath with to take care of the mess you’re gonna make while eating is just my kinda place!!!!  ha-ha  The food was great (3 kinds of steamed crab and shrimp in  big buckets doused with Old Bay Seasoning) and it was all very entertaining!!!

I also got my phone fixed while I was down there — I’ve been having trouble with it since just about the time I got it (last August), but I didn’t make the connection that it was a problem until just before Christmas.  I originally thought I was just hitting a lot of dead zones.  Then I realized it was specific to any 3G network areas — so, I could use it fine in Sanford, but if I tried to use it in Cary, Raleigh, Fayetteville, or pretty much any larger area outside Sanford (except in Hawaii – it worked fine there), it would show I am in a 3G area and that I had plenty of bars, but it would end the call before it started to ring the recipient and no incoming calls could get through to me!  My phone is 3G capable, so what was that all about???  I had called the AT&T tech support folks and they told me that the only way to fix it was to shut the phone off, take the back off, remove the sim card, and put it all back together to “reset” it in the new network!!!!   WHAT????  So, I took it to the AT&T store in Sanford and they told me the same thing and showed me what to do with it.  I told her that if I had to go through that every time I had to use my phone outside of Sanford, I would just get a new phone OR a new cell company.  She said they all do the same thing – it is a problem going from non-3G to 3G networks.  Again – WHAT????  I know a lot of people who do that and they don’t have to take their phone apart every time they change networks!!!  But – I’m not even a year into my contract, so I figured I was stuck, unless I wanted to pay full price for another phone or buy out my contract…….I decided to wait and see what comes up!  So, while I was in Fayetteville, I passed a big AT&T store and decided to pop in and see if they had a solution for me!  The girl thought the “take it apart” business was a crock!  ha-ha  She took it apart and saw that I had the wrong sim card in it!!!  It was an old non-3G sim card – she said “no wonder, this won’t pick up 3G signals!” – she changed it out and copied all my info and turned it on and —– same problem!!!  She was so funny – she looked at me and pointed at the phone and said “well, that is just wrong!”!   She suggested I go to the device support center nearby.  I did and they also said the advice I got regarding taking it all apart was a crock!  They did a diagnostic on it and said it was all messed up and switched it out for a new one – problem solved!!!  WOO HOO!!!

So – I had a very nice, entertaining, and productive day in Fayetteville!!!

As for today – I enjoyed another gorgeous weather day!  I went to Cafe 121 for brunch and then to WalMart to get some groceries and bought myself a new camera – a Kodak Easy Share Z1285 – nice little camera!!!  But, I mostly watched the girls play!  They had some sleepyish play time in the house this morning while I was on the computer and then went out and really enjoyed the warm sun and grass!  Here are some shots that I took today with my new camera:

Katie and Megan playing while Amy watches calmly:




Katie resting after her snuggle-fest with Megan:


Katie loving the warm sun and grass:



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