I Love Spring…

I adore Spring — it is, by far, my favorite season.  It is so much more special than the other seasons – it represents new beginnings, resurrections, and the ability to wear white again…..here are my thoughts on Spring:

I’ve always loved Spring, but love it even more in North Carolina – mainly because it starts so much earlier here.  No, not earlier on the calendar – Spring starts on the same day in NC as it does in NY — but the signs of it and the spring-like weather start earlier.  I have been hearing from friends and family in my home town talking about snow and cold, windy days still occurring now weeks into the official calendar time frame for Spring!  In NY, most people don’t start planting flowers and delicate plants until at least Memorial Day weekend….here, we are already planting or planning gardens.

Spring showers wake up all the dormant plant life.  The evolution of this year’s Spring season is well on it’s way – the Bradford Pear blossoms have come and gone – the Cherry blossoms are mostly gone – lawns are getting thick and green – the dogwoods, azaleas, and red buds are in full bloom all over the area!!!  In my yard, everything that goes dormant in the winter months are starting to bud out with leaves and blossom buds – my Weeping Red Japanese Maple in the back yard is full of small leaves starting to fill in!!  Here is the wild dogwood in my back yard – it always blooms early!  Unlike the dogwood and crape myrtles that I had planted in my front yard – they are still young and bloom a little later!


I love to wear white and hate the fashion rule that you don’t wear white between Labor Day and Easter — I look forward to Easter weekend when I can wear white again!!!  I cheated this year and took a pair of white jeans to wear in Hawaii — I rationalized to myself that the white rule doesn’t apply in tropical locations where it is pretty much summer all year round!  LOL

Next Sunday is Easter — the definition of new beginnings — the day that signifies the resurrection of Christ after his crucifixion — the day that the Easter Bunny hides colorful eggs (eggs are a symbol of birth and beginnings) – and, yes, the day we can start wearing white again (OK, so that doesn’t symbolize new beginnings, but it is an important benefit of the day)!!!

Three of my friends are currently perfect symbols of new beginnings, too — Christy will be having a little boy in July — Jennifer and Lindsay recently found out they were pregnant!!!  (See?  They DO come in threes – click here to read about my obsession with the number 3)  New babies, new blossoms, new beginnings!!!

The bad side of Spring in NC is the pine pollen!!!  I never knew you could actually “see” pollen until I moved to NC.  The first Spring I lived here, I was totally confused by the heavy blankets of yellowish-green dust that covered everything and made little green rivers when it rained!!!  I was in shock when someone told me it was the pine pollen!!!????  WHAT????  I have since learned to keep things closed up (even though I would love to open everything up) for the few weeks that the pine pollen falls and to be very careful to not get any in my eyes (if I do, I end up with swollen, itchy eyes with big water pockets under them)….but, once a good rain comes and washes it all off the trees, it is better!

Spring has Sprung — enjoy — I know I will!!! 

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